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The police told the mob to burn my brother alive - sister of Tekena Elkanah (student lynched by a mob in Aluu, Port Harcourt)
| October 12, 2012
Ibisobia Elkanah, the elder sister of Tekena Elkanah, one of the four University of Port Harcourt students that was severly beaten and lynched by a mob in Umuokiri village, Aluu in Rivers State, narrated how she watched the mob burn her brother Tekena alive. Four year two students of the university - Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obusor, Mike Lloyd Toku, and Tekena Elkanah were beaten and lynched by the mob on Friday, October 7th. The beating and lynching was videotaped and posted to the internet and this caused outrage amongst Nigerians around the world. Also, a Rivers State police spokesperson confirmed the arrest of 13 people over the incident including the village chief who allegedly told the mob to kill the boys after they had been taken to his residence. On Tuesday, students protesting the killings stormed the village and burnt some houses and destroyed property which led to the closure of the university indefinitely. Narrating her experience, Tekena's sister, Ibisobia said that she was at a friend's house in the area when she heard shouting and commotion outside so she asked her friend to go with her to see what was going on and when she got to the source of the noise, she saw a large crowd around a couple of boys. She said, "I went there but did not actually see or recognize any of them, due to the crowd. I heard people saying the people they caught were strangers and they want to burn them. They said they were asking them questions, so that they could know who sent them.” “I went back to my friend's house but could not just stay there so I went back again. When I go there I started jumping to see if I could see who the boys were. I jumped again but didnt see anything. I jumped the second time and I saw Tekena my brother and I told myself that I was not seeing well, this thing is a lie. I jumped again the third time, and I saw Lloyd. Then I started shouting. I told them that somebody should allow me to ask him what happened and what he came to do. He would confide in me. He was wailing and in a pool of blood. I saw them as they lay in the water naked with leaves covering their nakedness. Somebody shouted “Who is that? What is she doing inside? People were pushing me and I started crying and saying "He is my brother. He is not a thief". Somebody behind me then said, "Oh girl run for your life." They said I should run for my life if not I would be the next one. "Some people turned to me and said, "are you sure he is your brother", and said maybe I was the person that sent them to go and steal.” They then took them to burrow pit and I called my family members to start coming. Meanwhile, a police van came and went into the crowd and the policemen were talking to them. “I heard them laughing. You know, they were happy. Then they kept quiet. Then the policemen talked again and they laughed. Next thjing I saw was three policemen coming out of the crowd and entering their van, and one of the said “burn them alive”. "As soon as the police drove off, I saw the flames. I was thinking they burnt them after they had killed them. Later, I discovered that they were burnt while they were alive." Related: Outrage and arrests over the mob lynching of 4 students from the University of Port Harcourt University of Port Harcourt students protest the killing of four students - houses & cars burnt. Uniport closed indefinitely

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Brutus .N. Edet    Uyo city, Nigeria    October 18, 2012
This is not good, we all have to change from our evil ways of doing things, we can't just take law into our hands. I pray they rest in peac Amen.
blessedkemi    london, united kingdom    October 14, 2012
This is very tragic and revolting! I cried just watching half of the video and had to delete it.
These boys are human, have parents and siblings........They have a right to have faced trial not the murderous injustice! We are in the last days indeed.....Lord have mercy in Jesus name.
Rev'd Dr Rowland Sunday - Ijoma    , England, United Kingdom    October 13, 2012
Our deepest and profound sympathy to the parents, families and friends of the four University of Port Harcourt students who were devilishly ill-treated, mercilessly beaten and lynched by a mob. Shocking to watch just a fraction of the video. Definitely signs of the last days! Those who were on the scene, who even stood by and actively encourage these kind of behaviour, whether expressly or by implication, should be singly identified and punished. They need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. Nigeria needs our fervent prayers.
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