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Oyo state governor's wife returns to Nigeria - denies that she was arrested in the UK with 400,000 pounds in her possession
| November 01, 2012
Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, the wife of the governor of Oyo state, returned to Nigeria from the UK and spoke with reporters about the news report that stated that she had been arrested in the UK with 400,00 pounds and thousands of US dollars, valued at N500 million in her possession. A newspaper, PM News, had reported the story and also said that they had confirmed the arrest with the London Metropolitan Police. However, while speaking to reporters, Mrs Ajimobi denied that she had been arrested in London. She said had travelled with her daughter, who was resuming school in London on Sunday and added, “I have never had any encounter with the London Metropolitan Police and I never will. It was just a rumour, like you said, I think the time has come for Nigerians to stop playing dirty politics. “We should be very objective when giving information, particularly members of the press. We should always verify the information we are given. The ultimate measure of any man or woman is where you stand in times of conflict, challenges and controversy and not in times of comfort. I stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and all other grounds are sinking sand. “This is a phase and it will pass over, because I am more than a conqueror. It is the price I have to pay as the wife of a politician, particularly in Oyo State, where there is a record of dirty politics. I do not have any blemish in my wardrobe and I am never going to have any.” She also addressed those that were spreading the false news saying, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. If they have the fear of God, they will stop being mischievous. They should think before they act because on judgment day, we will all account for our actions. “I do not grudge them; I just know they have God to contend with. I have maintained a good reputation for over 32 years and anybody trying to tarnish that image will have God to contend with. I know they will pay for it.” However, there has not been any retraction of the story by PM News.

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Godwin Cfb    Sydney, Australia    November 01, 2012
For me, I dont have anything bad about what she is saying if truth or lies, but what i want to state is this, the way she uses God's name several times in her defence kind of says it all. One wonders (what or why) she should escort her daugther to UK, as if it's like escorting her from AJAH to IKEJA. Not just that, again if i was not a Nigerian i would have thought diffrently that our state's first ladies of whom we all know what and what they're calpable of doing should travel all d way from Nija to London just for escort.

I wonder what the Oyo State Governor her husband will do, when they run out of toilet paper. he might as well travel to Germeny to get one... sounds funny, but the truth remains on whose pocket is this travel expenses from? ur guess is as good as mine.
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