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Boko Haram should engage in dialogue without any preconditions - Federal Government of Nigeria
| November 05, 2012
Reacting to recent reports that the Jama’atul Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad group, also called Boko Haram, has signaled their interest in engaging in talks with the Federal Government of Nigeria, the presidency has said that the if the group is ready for dialogue, they should do so without any preconditions. Senator Ben Obi, the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Inter-Party Affairs, spoke to journalists about Boko Haram's demand for the release of their detained members as a precondition for the negotiations and said, “We have been calling for dialogue. In a situation where you have uprising there is need to jaw-jaw. I think if they are truly and seriously interested in picking dialogue, we should engage them in dialogue.” "You don’t place conditions before security agencies. If a man is a criminal and has been arrested for criminality you don’t tell people to release him, it is not their duty. You go to court and let the court release him. But they want to engage in dialogue, yes they should be engaged in dialogue not with any precondition.” Meanwhile, the news that the Federal government is willing to negotiate with Boko Haram has been met with mixed reactions, with some people seeing it as a positive development, while others feel that the Federal government should not be negotiating with faceless terrorist groups. Chief Solomon Lar, a former National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), opposes the move unless the group names its leaders and members. He told journalists, "I disagree completely to dialogue with Boko Haram, unless they show their identity that Mr. X, Y, Z is Boko Haram and this is his rank. For them to name some people to be their representatives, who are they? They are faceless people, let them come out and reveal their identity. It is not enough for the sect members to nominate some people to negotiate on their behalf . Let us know who is who among them. Let them come out in the open and identify themselves rather than being faceless. “Again, have Mohammadu Buhari , Alhaji Ali Mungonu and others nominated by the sect members agreed to represent them in the dialogue with the Federal Government? “During the Niger Delta militantancy, some people came out and said they were the leaders of the militants. That was very reasonable and that was how the late President Musa Yar’Adua was able to tackle the problem of militancy in the Niger Delta. The Niger Delta militants were not faceless like Boko Haram. Why didn’t Boko Haram follow the example of the militants by showing their faces?” Alhaji Balarabe Musa, a former governor of Kaduna State, supoorts the move and said, “The thing is this, let the dialogue take place so that we can know who the Boko Haram really are and also know what they stand for. Before now, we don’t know anything. We know that there is Boko Haram and that it is an Islamic sect but there is no proof of it. The dialogue will prove that there is an organisation that is aggrieved and that will be a step towards solving the problem. "So, the dialogue is absolutely necessary. At the moment now, we have seen unnecessary killings, we don’t know who actually is responsible for that, we don’t know their objectives or grievances. It is a dialogue that will enable us know how to tackle it.”

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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    November 06, 2012
There should be no problem calling a spade a spade. These Boko Haram murderers are muslims; they are animals; and they are criminals.

You don't dialogue with people like this who don't have any qualms killing innocent people in the name of whatever is their beef. Seriously, if I were to be the President, I will not negotiate any crap with bastards like these; I will seek them out, smoke them out and decimate them, period. I have no patience with criminals.

The same goes to treasury looters. For how long should we suffer to solve our problems? Leaders are supposed to be problem solvers, and not causing them. But no! our own so-called leaders go into office to not solve problems but add more to them. According to a Yoruba proverb, "if orisa (god) cannot improve my life, then orisa should, at least, not make it worse for me. Our own leaders are only making them worse.

When are we going to change the trend and stop this suffering and bleeding? In oyinbo land or developed worlds, the government begs people and offer incentives to people to join the police force or even join any of the armed forces because these are dangerous jobs in the real sense of it. In our own country you bribe to join the police force or any of the armed forces because they are jobs of "enjoyment". Why are we so unprogressive? All we know how to do is oppress, cheat, and steal, and rub people's noses into it.

Where is rule of law? Why do so many crimes go unpunished? Where is our humanity in all of this? How can we forge ahead and form a united front to stop the criminal acts of our leaders and criminals when some people are trying to break up the country? Why do some people introduce negative efforts that make the coalition weaker when we desperately need unity to solve problems? We are all supposed to be pulling in one direction for synergistic effect, instead of some people pulling and others pushing. We are never going to make it this way.

Are we doomed forever? Are we going to continue like this until each state becomes a country? Even so, I can bet you each resulting country will still continue to fight until each tribe or dialect within a country becomes another country. And where will it end?

Look at it this way - there are no two people (just two) in this world that will always agree all the time. Even identical twins don't. A wife and a husband, no matter the perfectness of their love for each other, will disagree sometimes. The teeth may get mad at the tongue sometimes and bite it, but they must "resolve" their differences because they must live together in the mouth.

So is the human world. We've got to live together and we must do it in the most humanly possible way. I am not going anywhere for you, my friend! You did not create the world, and it’s not yours. God created it for me and you to share.

Let me end this by quoting the words in a very old song, one of my favorites, titled “The Message”, by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. It goes, “Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge; I’m trying not to lose my head!” Let’s be reasonable with each other, and let’s share.
Tom Baanmen    Gusau, Nigeria    November 05, 2012
If You let these wicket elements go free in the name of Amnesty, the blood of innocent Nigerians will hunt you and your families. And please, stop associating them with any religion. They are pure animals
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