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Suicide bombers attack a church inside a military barracks in Kaduna state - 11 people killed
| November 25, 2012
A church inside the Jaji military barracks in Kaduna state has been attacked by suicide bombers. Reports say that two vehicles were driven into the barracks and used in the attack. A bus that was driven into the barracks was driven into a wall of the church and it exploded and a few minutes later, a car blew up outside the church and this caused a lot of the causalties as people had run outside after the first explosion. After the explosions, the scene outside the church was filled with bodies and people being carried away on stretchers. It is not clear who was responsible for the attack but Boko Haram, the Islamic militant group, which has targeted Christians and churches in Norhern Nigeria, is believed to be responsible.

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Yusuf    Funtua, Nigeria    November 25, 2012
That seems some one among government officials must know something about this. Listen to what the government is try to find out. How can some one out side barracks and no link to anyone confidently and successfully do that. Impossible
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