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Nigerian oil marketers now import diesel and liquefied petroleum gas from Niger Republic
| December 22, 2012
Nigerian petroleum products marketers now import AGO and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from it's neighbour to the north, Niger Republic, for consumption in Nigeria. Speaking to reporters, the Controller for Department of Petroleum Products (DPR), Kano revealed this while responding to a question about government's power to regulate prices. He said, "Yes, Nigeria now imports AGO, that is Diesel, and LPG, also known as gas from Niger Republic, but I want to state clearly that this venture does not attract any financial commitment from the federal Government". While the controller's comments clarified his earlier comments, it's still suprising to most people that despite it's vast oil resources, Nigeria still imports refined petroleum products and that Nigeria is importing from Niger adds to the bewilderment. Most people would expect Nigeria to be supplying products to Niger and not the other way around . Speaking again on government's ability to regulate prices, the controller also pointed that about ten petrol stations have been closed in the last few weeks for selling petroleum products above the official pump price.

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Bashir    Kano, Nigeria    June 18, 2013
Shame on Nigeria, this is enough to tell the world how displeased Nigerians are with their government policies on the abundant resource of their nation, to the extent that they resolve to importing same product from other country.

definitely they found more relief by such venture.
okeke kingsley    lagos, nigeria    January 10, 2013
A very interesting achievement but our social economy is improving in a great way but it would have been more wonderful if they export to other countries (caleb university imota lagos)
samuel otum    lagos, nigeria    January 02, 2013
Its good to see that our marketers,are now importing oil from niger our social economy is really improving.(caleb university imota,lagos)
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