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Nigeria to spend about N60bn ($382m) to provide 10 million mobile phones to farmers
| January 03, 2013
The Federal Government of Nigeria plans to spend about N60 billion ($382m) to acquire mobile phones for to rural farmers in Nigeria. Speaking at an orientation programme for farmers in Ogun state, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, disclosed this and said that the project is being handled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication Technology. She also pointed out that the project is part of the e-Wallet initiative which will enable her ministry to educate, inform and communicate with the farmers in rural areas. The project is also meant to provide incentives and an enabling environment to address unemployment in the country by encouraging graduates, youth and women to go into farming and agriculture. The Permanent Secretary said, “We are talking about 10 million phones. Each phone will be about N4,000 or N6,000 because they are in large quantities, we are not just going to buy them in pieces like that. Probably, we will buy direct from the manufacturing companies. “As part of the e-Wallet, that is, electronic wallet, which we are promoting; the handsets will be the tool with which we will communicate with farmers in the rural areas. Deep into the interiors, we will be able to communicate with them." “We are actually working with the Ministry of Communication Technology, who is talking to the network providers. We have agreed that the network providers are going to expand their networks into the rural areas where normally they will say there is no economic viability. But because the Federal Government will be putting some support into this, they will expand their networks so that farmers can have access.” "The farmers will also be able to charge their phones because we are looking at the complete value chain concerning this matter."

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Kaycee    Columbus, OH, U.S.A.    March 08, 2013
I was trying to do the math $382 m, to provide 10 million cellphones, which amounts to 382/10 equals $38.2 M per phone. Can someone please correct me or maybe my math is totally off. If this I fact true, we are heading toward a revolution sooner than later. May God help us in Nigeria.
Ray    Lagos, Nigeria    February 06, 2013
This is what happens in a county where the judiciary that should hold both the executive and legislative arm of government accountable for their actions is actually begging for crumbs of cake stolen from the national cake

The minister is not stupid rather he is not bothered about what the average Nigerian feels or thinks about his plans to drain the national treasury, he is armed with the knowledge that the judiciary will only put up a show in the name of prosecuting him and he will only be made to part with a paltry sum from the loot
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    January 13, 2013
What a country? This president and the national assembly are the most un-intelligent Nigerians of all time. Just when you think we have seen the lows, it got deeper. This is very shameful.
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    January 13, 2013
"If all Nigerians do what is right, Nigeria will change"; unfortunately our president has not done what is right and Nigeria is worse off. Statements such as this is very troubling and it shows that President Jonathan has no understanding of what is going on or what needs to be done to advance the country. He does not see corruption as one of the many reasons the country has regressed. Mr. President, with all due respect, you need to step down for the welfare of the country. The longer you stay in the office the worst Nigeria becomes.

You have failed to lead and have not demonstrated the accountability you were attempting to explain in your speech because you don't know what it means. Show Nigerians that you are accountable, and they will emulate you. Hold you cabinet accountable by letting them go for lack of production, let the governors know that the days of stealing from the citizens are over, let the police officers know that the days of collecting money from road users are over, let the attorney general know that he/she must prosecute all those who violate the law of the land, let NEPA/whatever know that power supply must be constant or else. Mr. President show us accountability and stop showing us ignorance.

God save Nigeria from Jonathan.
Ismaeel Saeed    Zamfara, Nigeria    January 09, 2013
you are very very stupid, irresponsible people...
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