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"Nigeria will continue to remain a united nation......We will not think about separation" - President Goodluck Jonathan
| January 14, 2013
During an inter-denominational church service at the National Christian Centre in Abuja to mark the 2013 Armed Forces remembrance day celebrations, President Goodluck Jonathan spoke about Nigeria's unity and security in the country. January 15 is Armed Forces remembrance day in Nigeria and commemorates the soldiers who have died in service to the country. The service was also attended by the First Lady, Mrs Patience Jonathan, the Senate President, David Mark, ministers, legislators, military officers, the clergy and members of the Nigeria Legion. Speaking at the event, President Jonathan commended the armed forces and their efforts in maintaining Nigeria's unity and security and also said that everyone would have to put hands together to get Nigeria to her desired destination. He pointed out that government has to play its role and the citizens have to play their's also and then government and the citizens would have to work together to make Nigeria a place where children and children yet unborn will be happy. He also urged Nigerians to rise with one voice in support of the unity of the country. Addressing the congregation, President Jonathan said, “Let me welcome you all to this special day that we are remembering those who worked for us, served us and paid the capital prize. They died for us to live. We are here to remember the Armed Forces who serve within and in various parts of the world to bring peace to the world and in that process lost their lives. “Let me appreciate the church for what you have been doing over the period, for what you have been doing persistently for peace to reign in our land and the nation to develop. Let me especially appreciate the leaders of the Christians who have on a daily basis organise various prayers for us." “Let me especially thank the armed forces because today is their day and also the police and other services, we sleep because they stay awake. In some cases where things happen people blamed profusely but for those of us who get reports on daily happenings about such challenges, we know that these men and women have been doing very well. I thank them for their gallantry, dedication to service, for the work they have been doing for us and we pray that God will see them through. I use this unique opportunity to encourage them to continue to do what they have been doing and we believe this country will get through her various challenges. “As we remember the work the Armed Forces and other security outfits have been doing, I think the best gift we can give to them as a people, is to pray for them and in our daily activities to preach peace, love and unity. Because if we love ourselves and we live in peace and emphasize more on the unity of this country, some of the challenges we are having, we probably would not have. “But if our leaders at whatever level, whether political, community or religious, talk more about those things that divide us instead of those things that bring us together, then we will be encouraging the younger ones who know little or nothing about the history of this country to do things differently and sometimes conduct themselves in a way that is clearly anti social." “Some of the best gifts we can give to the Armed Forces and the sister organisation is for us in our various activities to emphasize the need for us to live in peace, love ourselves and unite. Some people talk about disintegration of Nigeria, now even at political levels some people take it as weapon when they want to discuss politics. But my conviction and I believe, that most people here and those listening to us is that Nigeria will continue to remain a united nation. “Nigeria will not disintegrate. Anybody who is doing research on sociology, psychology or political science, I know Nigeria will remain one. “In 2014, we will celebrate our centenary, 100 years in existence. It will only take two mad people to stay in marriage for 100 years and say that is the time you will divorce and we are not mad. If there are issues that have been brewing over the period and we have been managing, we will continue to manage. We will not think about separation. I always say some nations have their own history; people question the unity of this country, especially when they talk about the amalgamation of the North and South in 1914. Some big countries have very ugly pasts. But it is not for us to begin to make history, it is for us who are alive today to shift our focus and begin to talk about those things that will bring unity, development. “I always say that Nigeria is great not because of our oil, because we have people that produce more oil than us but we are appreciated and still reckon with because of our size and diversity both for human beings and environment. These are areas we should exploit for unity and development. So please let us all stand up and condemn those who say otherwise about our unity, those who call for our disintegration or who make similar statements should be condemned by all Nigerians. As a country, made up of great citizens, when we work together, when government plays her role and the citizens also play their roles, we will surely get to where we want to go. "If only the government or only the people are working, and others are not playing the required role and provide the enabling environment, of course we will not go anywhere. But when we work together, our children and our children yet unborn will be happy. God’s willing with your prayers and commitment, Nigeria will get to where she wants to go”

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Nwabuikwu pandora onyinyechi    Aba, Nigeria    February 11, 2014
we are going to remain a united country and come out with positive achievements.....seperation is not going to be a solution!!
MAKANJUOLA ADIGUN MUHAMMED.    Lagos, Nigeria    January 22, 2013
Every successive president of the fake nigeria federation would always emphasize unity where none exists. It is most unfortunate that the incumbent president being a university don,does not have the sense of history and he is pretending to know while he knows nothing. If he must be told the bitter truth, One nigeria is dead and it is the massive corruption in the public and private facets of the nigerian national lives that is still sustaining this sadistic, oppotunistic,under-development and genocide induced unity.

The president, thought that most people he hurrily want to refered to, as co-comparitiots do knows that should call and appeasements is fake and unreal.
Insead of convening the sovereign national conference to save his neck, he wants to equate himself with the satanic godfathers that had by their past actions rendered the unity question in nigeria un-sustainable and the continuos call of One nigeria has become illegitimate. The minimum resolution of the nigerian fiasco,is for all the nations within colonial nigeria to return to Aburi.
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    January 18, 2013
There goes the rambler again with his idle talk. There is no way Nigeria will remain a united country because it has never been united. Nigeria has always been an amalgamation of incongruous entities. We really don't like one another.

If you want to see the real picture of how united or disunited we are as a people, come to America or Britain, or Canada or any overseas countries where you have a lot of Nigerians, you will see how we interact with each other and see that we 'hate" one another.

The best way to survive overseas, especially where there is discrimination, racism, or prejudice, is to be united as a people and have a common front. I once read a caption that states, "there is benefit in being part of a group; you'll no longer be easy prey." Nigerians don't ever work together. If you want to take down a Nigerian, it will be a lot easier to go through another Nigerian; easy as that. They say charity begins at home. We don't like each other at home; and we perpetuate that hatred overseas where conditions allow the hatred to really take a harder bite.

Groups such as MASSOB, OPC, AREWA, EGBESU, BAKASSI, BOKO HARAM, MEND, MOSOP, etc. are telltale signs of disunity. On top of that, when you add epidemic, pandemic or endemic corruption to the situation, you are assured of separation someday.

Let's not kid ourselves, Nigeria, as it is being run by a pack of thieves, cannot be sustained. Sooner or later, there will be an end to this marriage of strange bed fellows. Nigeria’s unity will continue to be a shifting target that will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

Nigeria has been on a steady decline and will continue on that path until someone (like J. J. Rawlings) changes it (in a coup) or the people stage a bloody revolt. I would prefer the J.J. option which will be swift and less bloody. I don’t see the change being democratic, as it will never happen by way of elections.

I am growing old on a daily basis and can’t wait to see a change. We have been in this rot for too long. The government is not solving any societal problems at all, as our complaints have been falling on deaf ears. For example, when will the government do something and make or enforce the law that prevents someone from selling land or a house that does not belong to him or selling it to 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 people?

Mr. Jonathan Goodluck, don't just give speeches; do something for a change.
peculiarmag    lagos, nigeria    January 16, 2013
Goodluck is trying to hold and keep nigeria as one nation, but it seems there some people out there who have vowed to turn all his effort to zero, pls join hands to make nigeria a better place for us all.
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