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UNILAG lives on as President Jonathan reverses decision to rename the University of Lagos
| February 22, 2013
Responding to a court decision that his decision to change the name of the University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University is illegal, President Goodluck Jonathan has reversed the decision and the university will continue to be called "The University of Lagos" In 2012, President Jonathan had announced, during a broadcast to mark the 2012 Democracy Day, that the University of Lagos would be renamed to the Moshood Abiola University. The name change was met immediately with protests from students and alumni and other critics and the issue was eventually taken to the courts and a court recently ruled that the name change was illegal. Speaking during the inauguration of the Governing Council of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), the Chairman, Professor Jerry Gana, said that President Jonathan had upheld the constitution and defered to the rule of law by reversing the change of name, saying “this is a pointer to the fact that the current administration is committed to entrenching democracy and justice in the country.”

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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    March 07, 2013
In my response to the original NGEX article on May 29, 2012, I wrote that if Mr. Goodluck Jonathan does not reverse this ridiculous illegal name change now, that it will be reversed later after he leaves office, as it does not make any sense. Moshood Abiola does not deserve such honor or respect in Yoruba land or anywhere in Nigeria.

What did he do and whose hero was he? Jonathan called him a martyr but that’s just one of those bloated and meaningless honors that our useless government bestows on people who don’t deserve such honors. It’s like those big-belly fat men in our military who have never seen or fought any wars who give themselves the title of Generals. Our own case na another ‘tory. We just know how to devalue things or turn something that works somewhere else, into “yeye” or nonsense.

Professor Jerry Gana said that President Jonathan had upheld the constitution and deferred to the rule of law by reversing the change of name.” Jonathan did not uphold “nothing” (excuse my double-negative, colloquial English). The decision to reverse the name change is welcome but no one should even think of giving any credits to Goodluck Jonathan for doing so, or for “upholding the constitution and deferring to the rule of law.” What constitution; what rule of law? What was he thinking to start with?

We should not delude ourselves thinking that our people in government understand what the constitution stands for, or what rule of law is. They are just a bunch of treacherous people who think they are above the law and would trample on others without compunction. For Jonathan, this is just a case of “water pass gari,” and he has no choice but to heed to pressure.

Professor Gana also said “this is a pointer to the fact that the current administration is committed to entrenching democracy and justice in the country.” Professor, please give me a break. To these people, democracy is just like monarchy where the king or Oba’s powers are absolute and can do whatever he wants. Their mentality is that when you are in government, the people’s properties belong to them and can do whatever they want with them. That’s is why the President can dip his hands into the treasury and take any amount of money for his personal use (called stealing where the law works) and gets away with it. I ask myself why is it that the same system of laws that works somewhere else doesn’t work with us? How can one man and his company of thieves do that and our laws cannot be used to deal with them, huh?

Babangida came, did his own, cleaned us out, and still “dey” walk around talking nonsense and running his mouth. If we could not do anything to him while he was in power, what is stopping us from prosecuting him now? Abacha came, did his own and we dey look like mumu; Obasanjo came, did his own and we dey there dey look like “mugu”; Jonathan dey do him own now, we dey look like “ope”. Unless we do something, the same beat is going to keep on beating.

And I am tired of it. We must do whatever is necessary to stop this nonsensical trend. I just can’t take it no more. If it’s going to lead to war, then let it be. A few people entrusted with leadership cannot keep taking the rest of us to the cleaners while we “siddon dey look” like donkeys.
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