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Nigerians in Bakassi have until August 14, 2013 to decide if they want to become Camerounians or leave Bakassi
| April 03, 2013
Nigerians in Bakassi, formerly part of Cross River State in Nigeria which was ceded by Nigeria to Cameroun in 2002, have to decide by August 2013 if they want to become Camerounians or leave the Bakassi. In 2002, the International Court of Justice awarded Bakassi to Cameroun and Nigeria decided not to contest the ruling and ceded control of the region despite the huge outcry from Bakassi residents and other Nigerians. The ruling from the International Court of Justice, states that from August 14, 2013, Cameroun will govern Bakassi like any other part of its territory. Estimates suggest that about 90 percent of the approximately 300,000 people who live in Bakassi are Nigerians. If these people decide to stay in Bakassi, after the August 14 deadline given by the ICJ, they will have to obtain residence permits and will be treated as foreign nationals living in Cameroun. Reports say that many of the Nigerians in Bakassi are still undecided about leaving or staying. Most prefer the Nigerian systems that they are used to but Cameroun is slowly making efforts to introduce their own systems into the region. Despite the efforts, Cameroun has been struggling to make the people adjust to living in Cameroun e.g. residents of Bakassi now have to learn the Camerounian national anthem and the residents still use Naira, the Nigerian currency.

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Umer    ,     April 22, 2013
The new Tit-for-Tat policy of the FGN atuonms to white washing a festering tomb. Little wonder the country has lost its big brother status in Africa. Its so bad that we can no longer boast of determining who gets elected as ECOWAS chair despite the fact that we contribute over 60% to keeping the body afloat.Our National shame has finally been displayed to the world and it stinks to high heavens. The only laundry FG can do is begin to show that Nigerians matter. That alone can enthrone respect for Nigerians all over the world and as well as stem the tide of our mass exodus to any country but home.
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