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President Jonathan does not regret state pardon granted to former governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, who was convicted of corruption - Special Adviser
| April 15, 2013
The special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, while speaking on a Radio Nigeria program addressed the recent pardon granted to the former governor of Bayelsa state, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, by President Goodluck Jonathan. Chief Alamieyeseigha was the governor of Bayelsa state between 1999 and 2005 and was arrested and charged in Britain for money laundering offences. He was then impeached in Nigeria and arrested, tried and jailed for six months for corruption. His pardon generated significant outrage with critics suggesting that pardoning Chief Alamieyeseigha will reflect poorly on President Jonathan's goal of showing that he is determined to fight corruption. Dr. Abati stated that despite the public outcry over the pardon, President Jonathan acted within the provisions of the Nigeria’s constitution and added that the President has no regrets for taking that action. Dr. Abati said “President Jonathan does not regret what he has done because it is clearly within his powers to grant pardon within the purview of Section 175 of the constitution. What has been done from the point of view of law is in order, but people say that they are not talking about the law and that they are talking about morality. “On that issue, I have said it before that pardon is given to persons who have been convicted. So when a man commits an offence, he goes through the legal process and he is convicted, then he is pardoned later. There is nowhere you grant pardon that it has not generated some level of controversy. The is always some kind of political drama around. So our own experience has not been exceptional.” Related: Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, former governor of Bayelsa State, who was convicted and jailed for corruption has been pardoned by President Goodluck Jonathan EFCC hands over assets worth billions of Naira seized from Alamieyeseigha to Bayelsa State govt

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"Coming In From The Cold"    California, U.S.A.    April 16, 2013
Pardon or no pardon, this Alamieyeseigha picture, with his fat cheeks and ugly hat, is even annoying. This International Thief-Thief seems to be laughing at us. Make him go London, make I see, if dem no go lock his "yansh" up like him brother, Ibori. Na only for Nigeria, country of rogue leaders, dem fit dey make yanga.

Anyway, no be him fault; sebi na di yeye Jonathan, na him we go blame. All of you stupid Nigerian thief leaders can keep robbing us; but one day go be one day when monkey go go market and e no go return. Your day is coming soon.

Pardon or no pardon, Mr. Alamieyeseigha, you are still an ex-convict - Onyeosi;Onyeara; Ole; Jaguda; Barawo; Thief; Pick-Pocket; Pick-Treasury, etc.. If anybody knows how to say \"thief\" in any other language, please help me add them to this list.

And let me tell you Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, you just ran out of good luck, and shame unto you. With this pardon, you have declared yourself to be the most unworthy President in Nigeria and a pariah, and you have lost all respect both at home and around the world. By this one deed, you have confirmed Nigeria to be a nation of unfazed corrupt leaders where anything goes.

I'll like to see who is going to pardon you, Jonathan, when get tried and convicted for corruption later. Believe me or not, you will be tried someday, and Alamieyeseigha will not be there to return the favor to save or pardon you in return.

We know corrupt leaders have no shame; if they had shame, they won\'t be corrupt in the first place.
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