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Getiing permits for vehicle tinted windows is free - Inspector General of Police
| April 13, 2013
Speaking at a meeting with the Assistant Inspectors-General of Police of the 12 zonal commands in Nigeria, the Inspector General of Police (IG), Mohammed Abubakar, addressed the controversial issue of motorists getting permits for the tinted windows on their vehicles. said that getting police permit for the use of vehicles with tinted windows “is free of charge and does not attract any charge”. There has been controversy in Nigeria over the ban on vehicles with tinted windows and the police impounding vehicles with tinted windows. Motorists claim that the vehicles come into the country with tinted windows and getting the glass changed in the Nigeria is expensive and sometimes not even practical. Some even question why the Nigeria Customs service allows vehicles with tinted glasses into the country if they have been banned by the police. Police have been charging motorists between N10,000 and N50,000 for the tinted permits and the IG's response seems to contradict their actions. Speaking at the meeting, the Inspector General of Police said, “...obtaining tinted glass permit is free of charge, there is no amount of money written there for anybody to pay. “Motorists should not allow any policeman, anywhere to subject them to paying charges that are not officially, legally and legitimately stated." The IG also explained why the permits can only be obtained from the Inspector General's office. He said that in order to prevent abuse of the system, the law authorises only the IG to issue the tinted window permits and the IG does not delegate the ability to commissioners of police. He also defended the ban on tinted windows and the Nigeria Police's right to enforce the ban saying that criminals used vehicles with tinted glasses to commit crimes and the police cannot allow that to continue. He said, “Do you know that most criminals use tinted vehicles to hideout, to carry arms and ammunition, to carry EIDs, to throw bombs at innocent worshippers in churches and mosques and other places?" “We cannot continue to fold our hands and allow criminality to take place. Tell me what a commercial vehicle is doing with tinted glass, tell me what an ordinary Nigerian who has nothing to hide is doing with tinted glass." “We appeal to Nigerians to understand this, that the essence of doing what we are doing is to ensure that people are safe and that innocent people are not just unnecessarily attack."

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celestine    enugu, nigeria    April 23, 2013
we need to join hands to fight injustices and crime to move this nation foward
James Udy    Phc, Nigeria    April 22, 2013
Free indeed?
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