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House of Reps passes anti-gay marriage bill - 14 years in prison for homosexuals that get married.
| May 31, 2013
In a voice vote, Nigeria's House of Representatives passed a bill to ban gay marriages in Nigeria. The bill states that homosexuals that get married can be sentnced to up to 14 years in prison for anyone who enters into a gay union. The bill also bans gay organizations and the "public display of a homosexual relationship." In November 2011, Nigeria's Senate also passed a bill to ban gay marriages but it is not clear if House and Senate versions are identical. If they are identical, then the bill goes to the President to be signed into law. If they are not identical, then both versions have to be reconciled before it can be sent to Goodluck Jonathan to sign into law. Gay sex has been banned in Nigeria and many other African countries since colonial times. Homosexual relationships are strongly opposed in most African communities although homosexuals are quietly tolerated in some of the major cities in Africa. South Africa is the only country in Africa where same-sex marriages are legal. Related: - Nigeria's Senate starts hearings on a bill to criminalise homosexual marriages - Lesbians banned from playing for the Nigerian national team.

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My Two Kobo    Ontario, California, USA    May 31, 2013
Instead of concentrating on jobs creation, fighting corruption, security and improving the standard of living for her citizens, Nigerian legislature is embarking on a war that they will ultimately lose. Bunch of idiots!
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