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Only 25 percent of Nigerians currently have access to electricity - Minister of Power
| June 06, 2013
The Minister of Power, Professor Chinedu Nebo, after a meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, spoke about the situation with electricity in the last three weeks, calling it a “nightmare” and explained that its from a combination of system failure and sabotage. The Minister of Power said, “The power situation in the last three weeks is a nightmare. We have not had the kind of system failure like we have had in the last three weeks. For instance, Bayelsa State was knocked out for three weeks as a result of a breakdown on one of the transmission lines. “It took about 12 days to restore power in the state using temporary measures. Another one happened in Kebbi. There is also man-made vandalism. Funding is also part of the nightmare we are facing. “It was thought that by 2012 the privatisation would have been completed, so there was no provision for maintenance in the budget. It has become very difficult for even routine maintenance to be carried out.” The Minister of State for Power, Hajia Zainab Kuchi, also said that only 40 million Nigerians currently have access to steady electricity. He said that the current investment in the sector, will ensure that the number of Nigerians with access to steady electricity would rise rapidly.

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Chrıstıan    Yenegoa, Nıgerıa    June 22, 2013
Its good as Nıgerıans we start belıevıng ın thıs country. We all must see the problems that face us as a complex one that not one ındıvıdual can solve or handle. In as much as we mıght not accept all the decısıons they (our government) make, we must be wıllıng to cooperate wıth them rather than say thıngs that are deregotry.

I belıeve that thıs new mınıster wıll brıng about a change ın thıs sector. Surely, he can't solve all the problems but he wıll move the sector further than ıt was.

So frıends, pray for your leaders and act posıtıvely wherever you fınd yourself.
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    June 09, 2013
Where has the minister been the last thirty plus years? 100% of Nigerians have never had constant power supply. The only thing constant about power supply in Nigeria is darkness, generator noise and carbon monoxide, and name changes (ECN, NEPA and whatever it is called now). It is very shameful that many leaders have come and gone, and none has the intellect to know the importance of constant power supply.

Until we have consistent and reliable power supply, we will NEVER develop as a nation. Few years ago, the national assembly claimed to conduct investigation of power shortage in Nigeria that obviously was fruitless and the darkness continues.

Mr. Power Minister, what is your plan to solve this problem? What improvements have been made since you are appointed to this position? I know the answer already, and that is none, and no plans for improvement. I suggest you make the only improvements just as your predecessors; change the name to Leadership Failure. It will be a fitting name.

Mr. Minister please stop your never ending and non productive meetings and empty speeches and research on what other nations are doing to improve their already excellent power supply. Have you heard of General electric (GE), have you heard of Siemens, have you heard of Mitsubishi etc; these companies can build any kind of power system imaginable. You need to do your homework sir, and start solving the power supply problem that even the unborn knows that Nigeria has, except our leaders.

You claim to be a professor; you need to start applying intelligence to problem solving and do something that Nigerians will be grateful for forever. Stealing from the treasury will not make your name immortal, but solving one of the nations grave issues will have your name written in Nigerians Mount Rushmore.

God save Nigeria from unintelligent leaders.
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