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Referee butchered over a soccer match in Brazil
| July 09, 2013
A referee in Brazil who fatally stabbed a player during a game, was detained by members of the player's family, tortured and his body cut into pieces after the player was pronounced dead. The incident started after the referee called a foul during the game, gave the player a red card and sent him out of the game. However the player refused to leave the game and argued with the referee. During the argument, the referee pulled out a knife and stabbed the player in the chest. While the player was being rushed to a hospital, members of his family grabbed the referee and tied him up. When the news that the player had died reached the family, they stoned the referee to death and cut his body into pieces.

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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    July 12, 2013
Voila! preemptive strike meets jungle justice. What kind of referee comes to the field with knife in his pocket as if he already knew he was going to do something that would require he preempts an attack or defend himself?

Good for the referee as violence begets violence. The referee came prepared for the unexpected and another unexpected happened.

I don't like it when someone takes the law into their hands like that. May the soul of the player rest in peace; the referee? I don't care.
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