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Nigeria's Senate bans under-age marriage. Now any Nigerian girl is "full of age" once married, regardless of her age
| July 19, 2013
Nigeria's senate has passed a resolution to alter Section 29 (a) of the proposed constitutional amendment which states that a Nigerian girl can only qualify for marriage when she is at least 18 years old. This removes the age requirements for girls and those that are already married by stating that a girl is deemed to be "full of age" once she is married regardless of her age when she got married. The resolution was made during a vote on recommendations of the Senate Committee on the Review of the Nigerian Constitution. Initially, the Senate had voted to retain this section but Senator Ahmad Sani (Zamfara West), objected to the provision which inserts a minimum age for girls before getting married, on the grounds that it contradicts Islamic law. The Senate President, David Mark, then called for a new round of votes and after the second round the votes went in favour of removing the provision. Two years ago, Senator Ahmad Sani married a 13-year-old Egyptian girl . This generated a huge outcry and violated Nigeria's constitution. Several civil society groups have criticised the move by the Senate. PROJECT ALERT on Violence Against Women described the resolution selfish and comments by the organization said, "That is very reckless of them and insensitive of them to the plight of young girls, especially in this time and era of child sexual abuse; the implications and complications that come up from early marriage which we all know; VVF, RVF and all that. "So, if they go to the constitution to remove the age restriction that says one cannot marry a teen, then, they might as well throw the Childs Tights acts out of the window. "The Childs Rights Acts says clearly that a child is any one below the age of 18; or are they oblivious to it , it is completely unacceptable. The Gender and Constitution Reform Network, (GECORN) said "The Senate's move contradicts Section 21 of the Childs Rights Acts which says no persons under the age of 18 is capable of contracting a marriage; and any marriage that is contracted by a minor is null and void and has no effect whatsoever. "The constitution is supreme, so the Childs Rights Acts falls under the constitution; So, what the man has done is to set back all the gains of the struggle of the Nigerian women. "So this kind of law will just legalise the abuse of children in the country and that is why people were clamouring for the deletion of that section 39(4) and which the senate originally moved towards, so how the table now turned against the children of Nigeria is what we don't understand," she said. Related: - - INTERPOL investigating child marriage case in Nigeria

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Ceepee    hamburg, Germany    August 08, 2013
So you Senators deem it appropriate to allow conscience guide marriage by removing all checks. This is dangerous. Then, why would someone not legalize marriage between two men or women if both parties so desire.

At what time in the history of man's changing quest for religion did a contemporary religion become more important than the will or desire of human themselves. So if in the next five years, someone realizes that the Nigerian coat-of-arm; the colour or our flag; the Nigerian land use act; or any other such laws akin to the definition of a child being one under 18 years of age, violates any so-called religious laws, the senate will change it?

So i could form a religion and say the law establishing the national assembly violates it...then the senate will ammend that assembly act or repeal it.
Please, lets be reasonable.
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