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Nigeria under pressure from international community to legalise homosexuality - Minister of Foreign Affairs
| July 22, 2013
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, in a session with members of the diplomatic corps, said that Nigeria is under pressure to legalise homosexuality. Addressing the audience, the minister accused the international community of hypocrisy and maintained that homosexuality is not part of Nigeria's culture and Nigeria should not be forced to embrace the culture of other countries. He said, "This thing must be understood because we have been under pressure about this issue of rights of homosexuals. It is not part of our own culture, you need to understand that. It needs to evolve. Let us get to that stage of understanding that two men can marry, then we will get to the bridge and cross it. But please let foreign diplomats educate their various governments that you cannot come overnight and impose values that are not part of our tradition on us. Don't impose it on us that we must allow it in our constitution. If we are talking about democracy, democracy is about free choice, free association you don't force values on others. "For those who have homosexual's rights, even when I look at the population of those countries, those opposing are high in number. In some countries, the churches are against it, why put pressure on Nigeria and other African countries that we must put it in our laws. Respect for human rights of a minute minority cannot be at the expense of the larger societal values, well-being and orientation of the people. Even laws are rooted in culture which must be upheld for the good of the society. I therefore appeal to the international community to show a greater understanding of the culture and traditions of our people. "We don't tell other countries how to live their lives. We don't impose values on any country. Other countries too should not come and impose their own values on us. We don't oppose any country that has put in its constitution the Gay Rights to allow two men or two women to marry themselves. But for Nigeria and a number of other African countries; it is not part of our culture yet." "At times you see hypocrisy in some of these things. I must be frank. If we talk about human rights, how do we apply them? It seems they are being applied to favour some certain groups and not of wider application. There is hypocrisy in this issue of homosexual's rights and polygamy." The minister also pointed out that the Federal Government has barred foreign ambassadors and diplomats representing their countries in Nigeria from commenting on political issues in Nigeria. He said, "We know in Nigeria we have some of the strongest human rights groups. We also know that foreign missions have been freely supporting them with funding. It is okay. We have no objection." "But we object when ambassadors conduct activities that are incompatible with their status as diplomats. If ambassadors want to join the human rights groups, they may as well resign to join them, but they cannot use the platform of being a diplomatic agent to interfere in our domestic activities. The Vienna convention states clearly the activities that are incompatible with your functions as an envoy." "I will want ambassadors to please confine themselves to their traditional duties. If you feel strongly about any issue, come to the foreign ministry, I will receive you. When there are things you want to take up with the government, come to the ministry. Even if you come as a regional body, I will receive you. But for you to go to the media and start talking is incompatible with the status of your office."

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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    July 22, 2013
There have always been homosexuals in every culture and race from time "Imo-river". Even the bible mentions them too. However, I believe homosexuality is an abnormality or a disorder which is beyond control of those who suffer it. But homosexuals are no criminals.

To me, we should allow them to live their lives the way they want. They can live together; they can associate together; they can even buy properties or establish businesses together if they want.

I believe in God but humans don't live by God's laws. God gave us the ability to make laws for ourselves to control how we behave and to protect our environment. Only human laws can put our behavior in check, not God's laws.

Where human laws are not effective or efficient, there will be a lot of criminality going on. So is the case with Nigeria with our so-called leaders stealing from us with impunity because our laws are not effective. They know God's laws will not do them any harm.

Marriage is man-made; marriage is governed by human laws and marriage has been defined to be between a man and a woman. A marriage license is only issued to a man and a woman to get married. If two people of the same sex want to live like husband and wife, I believe we can give that another name but should not be called marriage.

We must not allow these foreign people to force us to allow marriage between two people of the same sex. There are many people of the same sex who just live together, have children together, and don't get married. Homosexuals can do that.

But there is a "diplomatic" way to get these foreign governments off our back Tell them we will accept their cultural acceptance of marriage for homosexuals only if they accept our culture of CORRUPTION in exchange - a ha!
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