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All Progressives Congress asks Governor Peter Obi to apologise for sensationalising the recent deportation of Igbos from Lagos state
| August 05, 2013
Tensions over the recent deportation of some Anambra state indigenes from Lagos state continue to polarize parts of Nigeria with Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state and Governor Fashola of Lagos state caught in the middle. Responding to recent actions and comments by Governor Peter Obi, the All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused Governor Peter Obi of sensationalising the "deportation of Anambra state indigenes" , whipping up tribal sentiment and threatening the country’s unity. In a statement, APC asked Governor Peter Obi to apologise to Nigerians, for misleading them by saying that 72 indigenes of Anambra state were deported when only 14 people were deported to Anambra state. The APC said: “We are not saying Obi has no right to play politics, but he must fight clean and avoid any action that could hurt not just the enduring harmony between the Igbo and the Yoruba, but also the unity of the country. “Resorting to primordial sentiments anytime election is approaching is Obi’s modus operandi. He did it just before the 2009 election, when he labelled the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN under which Dr. Chris Ngige contested as a Yoruba party, and he is going down the same path now. “This is all about the November 2013 election. If Obi is sure of his performance, he should allow that to speak for him and stop whipping up tribal sentiments. ‘’It is very dishonourable for a political leader at the level of Obi to show total disregard for the truth and to whip up emotions for personal gains, as he has done on this issue. By his deliberate and blatant distortion of facts, as we will show shortly, Obi has raised a serious doubt about his leadership qualities. ‘’Equally guilty of indiscretion at best and deliberate peddling of falsehood at worst are the various ‘analysts’, ‘commentators’, out-of-luck NGOs and organisations that have jumped onto the bandwagon of bashing Lagos over the issue, mischievously tagged ‘deportation’ instead of what it is (home return for proper integration), when they could have sought the truth from the Lagos State Government. ’’Even some of the respectable Igbo socio-political organisations failed the simple test of fairness by not unearthing the truth before making pronouncements. “Even if they do not trust the Lagos State Government, they could have, at least, inquired about what happened from their son, who is a ranking member of the cabinet of Lagos State. ‘’All those who consider the home return of 14 Anambra indigenes as a reflection of the Lagos State Government’s (and by extension the Yoruba’s) ill will toward the Igbo should consider the following facts: •There was an exchange of correspondence dated 9th, 15th and 29th April 2013 between the Lagos State Government and Anambra State Government, through its Liaison Office in Lagos, about the ‘integration’ not ‘deportation’ of the 14 people. •Anambra State Government did not respond to requests by Lagos State to come and validate/identify the people who claimed to have come from Anambra. Had it done so, this issue could have been better managed. •Lagos State itself received notice from the Government of Akwa Ibom to come, identify and pick up two Lagos indigenes whom they picked up in a ‘lunatic clean up’ exercise in Uyo. Lagos responded promptly without making any noise about it. •In December 2011, the same Anambra State Government that is now crying foul over the home return of Anambra indigenes arrested and repatriated 29 beggars to their home states in Ebonyi, another Igbo state, and Akwa Ibom. Then it was conveniently not ‘deportation’ but ‘repatriation’ and no tribal meanings were read to such action. This information can be accessed here: •Also in 2011, Abia State Government sacked 3,000 non-indigenes (but fellow Igbo) from her work force and asked them to go back to their respective states, yet not even a whimper was heard from all those who are now raising hell over the ‘’deportation’’ of 14 Anambra indigenes from Lagos. ‘’If Obi’s logic is to be followed, then the government of Akwa Ibom, and the entire people of the state, harbour bad intentions toward Lagos State and the Yoruba by asking Lagos State to come and pick up two ‘vagrant psychotics’ identified as Lagosians who have been rehabilitated. ‘’Suffice it to say that these home returns have been going on for a long time among states, even within the same ethnic groups (as we pointed out above), and has never before elicited the kind of jaundiced interpretation that has been given to the return of 14 Anambra indigenes.’’ However the National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, in a reaction, said there was no basis for Obi to apologise to anyone or for anything. Chief Umeh said, “Why should Obi apologise to somebody, who did a wrong thing? There is no law in Nigeria that empowers anybody to deport Nigerians from one part of the country to the other. “What Babatunde Fashola did is illegal and unconstitutional. Nigerians have the fundamental right to reside in any part of Nigeria. Instead of Obi apologising to Nigerians, Fashola should apologise to Obi.”

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"The views and opinions expressed in these comment(s) or article(s) do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of NGEX, its partners or its affiliates."
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    August 08, 2013
Will our generation ever know democracy in this country? Will our generation ever know what the Constitution symbolises and how its provisions should be sacrosanct? It is very unfortunate that the Lagos State Government is a part of the irrationality to violate the provisions of the Constitution.

No State Government has the right under any guise to deport any Nigerian from his place of residence to another location on account of his health, age, education, religion, sex, etc. The reasons adduced for the illegality meted to those involved cannot be justified on account that others have acted similarly.

But then do we have any Attorney General of the Federation and what has he done about this issue? Do we have the Nigeria Police Force that should rise to the occasion and protect the lives of ordinary Nigerians no matter their places of abode?

Do we have a truly national assembly legislating on
issues affecting Nigeria and her political unity? I doubt.
God save Nigeria.
J. O. Obasi    Ewing,     August 06, 2013
Sensationalising! Interesting. Fashola should do the apologising to the Nigerian people, mark my words, not the Anambra State or the Igbo's, by extension if you may.

How can you justify a SAN (Queen's Counsel) if you have forgotten, toying with individual rights and liberties? Call this act what you may, it is wrong and should be nipped in the bud. APC should be ware of how it gets into this cancer or its baby steps are doomed. Whether you know these poor folks better or not, there should have been other humane ways to treat the issue.

Numbers again has nothing to do with this behavior. One, fourteen or seventy is irrelevant. The principle and the constitutional implications are the burden. Folks you are drifting again. Come out with the truth before it rots and hunts again. Fashola in many of my blogs I have saved my votes for should he run, for the incredible transformation he has accorded his State and people. But on this one he is wrong. JO.
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