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Lagos introduces no-cost residency cards for residents of the state
| September 21, 2013
The Lagos state government has launched the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) whose goal is to register the over 20 million residents of Lagos state and provide them with residency cards at no cost. Anyone living in Lagos for over six months, aged 16 years and above, will be required to have a residency card. A registration card will be issued for the first 12 months after registration and after the 12 months, a residency card will be issued. For children under 16 years , their biometric data will also be captured and temporary residency cards will be issued to them. Speaking at the launching of the agency, the Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, said, “The exercise allows for proper allocation of resources to the appropriate sectors of the economy that meet the needs of the residents of the state. It also assists in market allocation within the state; identifies the number and placement of hospitals, schools, libraries and books needed in the state and the number of teachers, doctors and nurses required to meet the needs of the populace.” “Our focus and purpose is for people who live here so that we can serve them better. For Lagos indigenes who live in other states, this project is not for them. This is a process driven by law and passed by the state House of Assembly. I hope other states can emulate this painstaking effort to service residents better. This project is a 10-year story because we have had continuity in this government. ” “This project will fill the gaps. It is important, therefore, to continue to manage data. If you cannot measure something, you cannot manage it. Data is the most demanded currency in the world today. No central bank prints that currency. You do it yourself." The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency has over 100 direct registration centres and mobile registration booths for organisations with over 100 employees.

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    October 06, 2013
Lagos State is regressing towards mediocrity through another mere fantasy chasing, money consuming and unconstitutional exercise! Very unfortunate that this type of exercise can start from Lagos State, the so-called \"Centre of Excellence\". When did the dream about this exercise start: 2011 election promise or an after thought? Definitely, as the late Mr. Obafemi Awolowo once said, our generation may never see democracy. (Note that having a civilian admistration does not imply having a democracy). The National Assembly and the Attorney General of the Federation should call the Lagos State government to order. God save Nigeria.
Mazi J. O. Obasi.    Ewing NJ, USA.    September 29, 2013
Census and National identity requirements should be in Federal not State portfolios. The Census Commission is geared to give us a well orchestrated head count this time around. Why should Lagos State pre-empt that? Well, if the the practice will not again be used to endanger peoples' rights that'll be in order. One thing with policy is that , it is always well meaning until some devious administrators hijack the true purposes of its enactment. As there is no State police at this juncture, the job of personal identities of the citizenry is better left with the Federal Government.
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