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Nigeria threatens to evict Indians in Nigeria if evictions of Nigerians in Goa, India continue
| November 05, 2013
Reacting to reports that Nigerians in Goa (a state in India) are being evicting forcibly from their homes, a consular attache to the Nigerian embassy in New Delhi warned that if the police in Goa did not stop evicting Nigerians from their homes forcibly, then "thousands of Indian nationals living in Nigeria will be thrown out onto the streets too". Reports say the issue started when about 200 Nigerians in Goa blocked a national highway for hours after a Nigerian was murdered. The police claim that the murder was a result of a war between two gangs engaged in drug trafficking. During the protest, about 53 Nigerians were arrested and after that the Goa government cracked down on the African community in Goa saying that documents of all foreign nationals living in Goa will be verified. Reacting to the actions of the Goa government, the attache said that the government has unleashed a campaign of terror against Nigerians by evicting them from their homes. He said, "There are only 50,000 Nigerians living in India, but there are over one million Indians living in Nigeria," and if the eviction of Nigerians does not stop, "thousands of Indian nationals living in Nigeria will be thrown out onto the streets too". Nigerians in India have a bad reputation and have been subjected to verbal attacks. Recently, a minister in Goa compared Nigerians to cancer, and a legislator called the behavior of Nigerians similar to that of "wild animals pumped up with drugs."

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Akin Mebude    Lagos, Nigeria    November 05, 2013
In International Diplomacy, there is no permanent friend or permanent foe, but permanent interest. We do not need to threaten the Indians with eviction. Just do it. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
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