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Lagos State House of Assembly passes bill to ban smoking in public areas
| January 21, 2014
After months of deliberation and public opinion surveys, the Lagos State House of Assembly passed a bill that aims to ban smoking in public areas in the state. The bill will prohibit people from smoking in all public places which will include restaurants, hospitals, libraries, museums, public toilets, schools, public transportation, etc. The bill will require that âno smoking,â signs with a picture of a burning cigarette enclosed in a circle with a bar across, will have to be displayed in all public areas. The poster would have to be prominently displayed and properly maintained by the owner, occupier or person in charge of the public area. Penalties for violators will range from N10,000 or one to three months in prison and non compliance by owners or occupiers of a building with a âno smoking areaâ will result in a N100,000 fine or 6 month imprisonment. Anyone who smokes in the presence of a child will be subject to a N15,000 fine or one month in prison or both penalties. Repeat violators will be fined N50,000 or face six month imprisonment or both penalties.

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Rita Peters    Lagos, Nigeria    April 10, 2014
Please the Ban should include Residential areas, for instance, my neighbor smokes around the compound with children playing all around. Such a person would conclude its premises is not a public place.

The Ban should restrict Smokers to their private apartment.
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