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Some Nigerian groups in the United States plan protest against a recognition award for Nigeria's First Lady, Patience Jonathan
| April 28, 2014
A coalition of Nigeria organizations in the USA is proposing mass protests against First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan’s planned visit to the United States in May to receive an award from University of Valparaiso, Indiana, in recognition for her contributions to ‘Women and Children’. The groups have signed a letter asking the University to reconsider the plan to give any award to the First Lady. They have also planned a protest march if the first lady visits the university to accept the award. In a release, the groups said, "We dare the First Lady to come to Indiana for the award, we have chosen to echo the sentiments of Nigerians back home who despair of the extreme sacrifices they have been forced to bear while leaders gorge on the nation’s resources and allocate themselves obscene privileges and perks. We are going to express our "surprise and deep concern" over the invitation. "

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andy    lagos, nigeria    May 09, 2014
Ekeng u hv 2 think b4 u talk did she lobby 4 d award? Award is a deserved price so pls. Contribute positively. Nobody likes bad situation. if u lack wat 2 say u keep quiet and pray 4 d nation live patience alone.
Tobe    london, uk    April 29, 2014
very true, this is clear evidence of where the priorities of this woman lay, how can self development come before the horrors that await many? I think they both must use sleepin drugs how else could they sleep at night knowing how they fail so
Ekeng Paul    Port Harcourt, Nigeria    April 28, 2014
Our daughters have been abducted by Boko Haram and this woman thinks it's the right time for her to be honoured. The dumb husband (GEJ) cannot reason well enough to offer her an advice. May Boko Haram hit her.
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