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Nigerians to pay an annual content access fee for television content.
| July 06, 2014
Under new policies proposed to the Federal Executive Council Nigerians will be required to pay an annual content access fee for television content. Speaking at the extra-ordinary meeting of the National Council of Information (NCI) in Abuja, the minister of Information said that the Federal Government plans to introduce content access fees to replace radio license fees. The fees are expected to be introduced, by 2015, before Nigeria migrates to digital terrestrial television broadcasting and will enable the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission and other stakeholders have the funds required to upgrade their infrastructure for effective service delivery. The minister said, "For a long time radio licenses have not been collected and in other countries the public broadcast services are run from fees collected on broadcast content but unfortunately in our country, the existing constitutional provision has made fee collection less effective. We are taking advantage of the digital technology and looking beyond sending people to go from place to place to collect fees for broadcast content. âWe are here because we are approaching the deadline and Nigeria must transit. We must do everything possible, we must work 24 hours to ensure that our country is not cut-off from the rest of the world.â

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Accra, GHANA    July 09, 2014
The Minister should remove the veil covering his eyes. People are suffering. The masses have suffered enough. Parents are the ones feeding, clothing, accommodating, transporting and maintaining their millions of unemployed graduate children.

To add another burden all in the name of taxation is to add salt to injury.
Anyway, we shall get there. The masses either become dead while the leadership survives or they rise up and challenge the leadership to give way through revolution. I am sure that very very soon, Nigerians will defy the leadership whether military or civilian. The date and time, I may not know.

Those who share the loot of the country and live in comfort do not realise that there are those whose are uncomfortable and in pain within the same country. Boko Haram has restricted movement in the North-East. Formally, it was MEND in the Niger-Delta. Who knows where next another group will emerge?

God save Nigeria
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