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Nigeria's passport is 33rd most powerful in Africa - in a ranking of most powerful passports in the world
| July 12, 2014
The Nigerian passport has been ranked 33rd in Africa in a new ranking of passports that is based on how many countries holders of that passport can get into without a visa or with a visa on arrival. The infographic by Rosie Spinks for GOOD magazine ranks countries around the world. Passports from Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom ranked as the most powerful with their citizens having access to 173 countries. Afghanistan is ranked last with its passport only able to get its citizens into 28 countries without a visa. The United States was jointly ranked 4th with Denmark, Germany, and Luxembourg. Their passport holders can travel with out a visa to 172 countries Nigeria is jointly ranked 33rd on the list of African countries - the Nigerian passport allows Nigerians to get into 47 countries without a visa or able to get one on arrival. Guinea-Bissau, in Africa, and Timor Leste passport holders are also able to visit 47 countries. In Africa, the Seychelles passport was ranked the highest, with its passport holders able to visit 126 countries without having to apply for a visa. Mauritius, South Africa and Botswana are ranked in second, third and fourth places respectively. the Eritrean passport was ranked last in Africa with their passport holders only able to travel to 28 counties without a visa The top ten most powerful passports in Africa and the number of countries that their passport holders can get into without a visa are:
  1. Seychelles - 126
  2. Mauritius - 123
  3. South Africa - 94
  4. Botswana - 70
  5. Gambia - 68
  6. Kenya - 68
  7. Lesotho - 68
  8. Namibia - 68
  9. Malawi - 67
  10. Swaziland - 66
Liberia and Somalia were not included in the rankings and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of the Congo are referred to as âCongo"

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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    July 17, 2014
Is anyone surprised? No! Not me. "If I know say you be thief, why I go let you come to my country easily like that?"

How can you correlate that - the most populous country in Africa, so blessed by God with riches and intelligent people, being 33rd out of 55 countries in the continent of Africa alone? Some of the countries ahead of us are not even up to Lagos in population.

And if I am not mistaken, more Nigerians travel overseas than all these other countries. That's why these foreign airlines are thriving coming to Nigeria. Normally, if people from a particular country are your best customers, you appreciate them more and you give them more incentives to keep coming and spending more money.

What I see in general is that these countries appreciate that Nigerians patronize them more but do not respect us in return. First, they know we don't have alternatives and we must patronize them. For example, a friend just told me yesterday (July 16, 2014) that his mother had to pay N85,000 for a visa to London. How can that be and what is our government doing about this?

We know what is responsible for all of these pains that Nigerians suffer in the hands of these foreign countries â CORRUPTION- corruption of rogue leaders, and corruption and criminal acts of the average Nigerian. I know the problem is not innate. It is a problem of the environment of Nigeria made endemic by rogue leadership and the lack of rule of law.

And we suffer the most from our behavior and its consequences. We suffer from lack of more investments that should have been taking place in Nigeria due to fear, known and unknown, which is partly responsible for under-or unemployment of our youths. Who wants to bring his or her hard-earned money to a place like Nigeria where there is no protection whatsoever for your investment. Even those who steal money from Nigeria don't invest in Nigeria because they know what the status quo is.

Just to let you know - I plan to retire very soon from the daily-ness or routine of work (sleep, wake up, go to work, come back home, eat, watch TV, go to sleep again, blah! blah! blah!). I plan to slow down (not really become idle) and start to enjoy the later part of life. I plan to write one or two books to keep shedding light or complaining about my country Nigeria to see if I could impart any changes and make us do things the right (not perfect) ways. I plan to travel to more countries to see things for myself to make sure I am not overly criticizing Nigeria and expecting too much from it and its rogue leaders. I plan to travel to five countries - Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Belize, and Brazil - for a first-hand experience to help choose my retirement haven where I plan to live and die. You only live and die once.

I was in Nigeria earlier this year and I can tell you Nigeria is not even under consideration anymore of one of the places to retire to. I was born here, I was raised here, but I ain't coming back here. I don't want to live the rest of my life in a hellhole.

I want to be able to live in peace without having to "hide" behind a big-and-tall iron gate like I am in prison; I want to be able to sleep well at night (not sleep with one eye and keep the other eye open to watch for robbers like I am an agama lizard); Iâd like to have electricity to work my fan (not even the A/C); Iâd like to have fairly decent roads to drive my old self around and not hurt my aging bones; I'd like to have real prescription drugs for my aging body and good hospital to go to if this old man falls sick. Or am I asking for too much?

How and when is this stealing, robbing, bleeding, suffering going to stop? I am sure it's never going to be in my own lifetime. The unfortunate thing is that those you are really fighting for don't care or waiting for their turn (if they get there) or have lost hope too. I was happy to hear a young man tell me he is only waiting for someone to come forward and provide the "proper tools" with which to fight these bastards. I hope there are many others who think like that.

Man shall not live by prayers alone; you must stand up and fight. If you can die fighting, so too can the rogue leaders who donât care about you. Everyone is got one life to live and also one to lose. Get up and stand up for your right. Whether you do or you don't, you will still die. Time is the only difference.

Maybe if we start the fight now, I may change my mind and come back home to retire. Remember I am not the only one thinking this way; there are many Nigerians like me out there who feel and think the same way. We are not looking for perfection; we are only asking for a new direction.

I reserve my prayers for Nigeria.
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