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President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria unhappy with the portrayal of Nigeria in the Ebola crises
| September 02, 2014
President Goodluck Jonathan has taken a stand against the stigmatization of Nigerians traveling overseas due to the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the country. At a meeting with David Nabarro, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moonâs Special Envoy, Jonathan condemned the stigmatization, saying there was no justification for it since his administration has made significant efforts in containing the deadly disease. Jonathan cited the actions at the Youth Olympics in China as an example of the discrimination. In August, Team Nigeria had to pull out of the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China following their quarantine and isolation due to fear of Ebola. Nigeria was set to participate in three sports: beach volleyball, athletics, and wrestling, and had sent 12 athletes for the tournament. Nigeria's health minister also accused the foreign media of being unfair in its portrayal of Nigeria in the Ebola crisis by lumping it with other worse-hit countries like Guinea, Sierra-Leone, and Liberia. The minister also questioned why Spain and America are not included in the list of Ebola-hit countries. He said, âThe foreign media are playing games with the world with the reportage of the Ebola virus. Out of the over 1,000 cases that died only five is in Nigeria, but they lump us together with Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, with higher cases because we are all in West Africa.â

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Nairobi, KENYA    September 05, 2014
Good. Nigerian medical doctors have performed miracles by curing so many patients
through scientific analysis of the Ebola infection circle and how to mitigate it. I commend them.
We need to hamper on the fact that many of the affected patients have survived in Nigeria even though the Ebola virus took us by surprise. So we have a local solution to this strange disease and we are applying them.

More stringent measures have been introduced at our ports to screen travellers, and only those who pass the screen tests are allowed to travel. Therefore, travellers from Nigeria are free of the Ebola virus and should be given full rights and privileges like those from other nations not ravaged by Ebola. This is the news that the world wants to hear not complaints.

I discussed this issue with some friends here in Nairobi, Kenya during the week. Nigeria has made a giant tride on Ebola. We only need a committed leadership in all facets of our national lives and Nigeria will regain her lost glory.
Personally, I know that Ebola can be cured locally by some of our herbalists (not Babalawos who offer incantations). The local herbs for curing Chicken Pox (special black soap and herb liquor) together with pepper soup can stop Ebola. But unfortunately, no medical doctor would like to make a drink out of the special black soup that would be simultaneously used to bath. But it works wonders on Chicken Pox without the use of calamine lotions and other othordox medications.

Like King Sunny Ade sang sometimes in the 1980s, "Agbara agbo...L'Osun fi nwe omo re ki dokita o to de" meaning that "Osun goddess has been using liquor from local herbs to bath (cure) her children before the coming of the modern medicine". That was true, and I still believe it.
God save Nigeria.
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