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Nigerian diaspora group petitions the United Nations to investigate alleged $9.3 million arms deal
| October 06, 2014
Nigeria Unite Group (NUG), a Nigerian diaspora group, has petitioned the United Nations (UN) to investigate an alleged arms deal where $9.3 million. Last month, an private jet carrying two Nigerians and an Israeli flew from Abuja to South Africa, and when it arrived in South Africa, South African officials seized the $9.3 million that was found onboard the plane. The private jet belongs to the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, who has denied any involvement and says he leased out the plane. The Nigerians and the Israeli are now being detained and facing investigation in South Africa. The money was found on the plane was allegedly to be used to purchase arms. The diaspora group, NUG, says the alleged arms deal was a violation of the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), and the manner of the transaction and the channel in which the money was passed through calls for questioning and further investigation, adding that the federal government of Nigeria was trying to cover up the contract with an unauthorised agency. In a statement, the group said âAlthough the government has admitted knowledge of the deal, it has denied any complicity in the attempt to commit a crime.This is a violation of the principles enshrined in the global Arms Trade Treaty. Moreover, the explanations given by the two Nigerians and one Israeli arrested by the South African investigators are flawed and riddled with discrepancies.â They called on the UN act on the petition and urged the UN to take urgent and holistic measures towards investigating these issues to expose the truth to Nigerians and ensure peace and security for Nigerian citizens. They said, âWe demand a full, urgent, and independent investigation by the UN in to the 9.3 million arms deal which is suspicious and flawed by the international standards of arms sales.â

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Nairobi, KENYA    October 08, 2014
Lest we forget. Mr. Obasanjo last year accused Mr. Goodluck of secretly organising a killer squad. But in return, Messrs Abati, Clark and Goodluck verbally lashed Mr. Obasanjo without addressing the issue. Now that this secret arms deal has been exposed, should Nigerians not believe Mr. Obasanjo? Truth is a smoke. It can be covered for as long as there is no vent or hole in the container. It appears here that truth has been covered not with a container but with a basket. That is a part of the irony of leaving on fantasy: "Goodluck will bring goodluck" to Nigerians.

God save Nigeria.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Nairobi, KENYA    October 07, 2014
Nigerians were looking for "good luck", and they have had it. "Good luck" can mean so many things at different times and places. It can mean "best wishes - expect success type" for someone who has prepared very well for an examination, battle field, etc.

It can also mean "bad wishes - expect failure type" for someone who is unprepared or refused to prepare very well for an examination, battle field, etc. Nigerians, especially the Christians and those from the Southern part, were carried away by "good luck" mentality of the first type even when they and the said Mr. Goodluck were unprepared for the work of nation building.
We do not need a UN action on this issue. There was a cover up in the presidency that South Africa has exposed.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been violated by a president who swore an Oath of Allegiance to protect it. That is an impeacheable offence. We have a bicamera National Assembly. What are they waiting for? I expected Nigerians in Diaspora to give command and untimatum to members of the National Assembly who are paid directly through our collective taxes as a first step but not the UN.
God save Nigeria
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    October 07, 2014
This nation called Nigeria is a troubled nation and nothing, but catastrophe or some cataclysm, can stop or curtail the ugly trend or path that our leadership has embarked on. This is what happens when you don't nip a problem or an ugly trend in the bud. They say a stitch in time saves nine. We did not stitch it in time and see what we are experiencing today â a carte blanche to steal us blind.

I have said it and will continue to say it that the Nigerian solution is not going to come peacefully. We must "dabaru" everything, turn everywhere upside down, kill many people, and then some more, to start the cleansing process. These leaders are what Yoruba people, in a folk song, call "wonbiliki wobia", meaning very greedy people or greedy bastards.

We got independence in 1960 and while still fledgling, Nzeogwu came to torpedo it in 1966 and the troubling trend began. Nzeogwu came to tell us that they (the army) came to stop the rot when there wasnât any real rot in the first place to worry about yet, as we were still fledgling in self-rule. âTrouble dey sleep, yanga go wake amâ.

In the context of Nigeria and in comparison to other military leaders that came after him, Gowon tried for Nigeria. He wasnât perfect and nobody is. He spent Nigeriaâs money well for the good of the country. He initiated the construction of two monumental buildings - the National Arts Theatre and the National Stadium in Lagos. He built and repaired many roads. He also awarded a lot of scholarships to Nigerians, of which I am a beneficiary, to go study abroad mostly in academic areas that were not available in Nigeria that would benefit Nigeriaâs development. He is still doing good work today. Murtala Mohammed, even though he overthrew Gowon, also tried for Nigeria in those six few months. Buhari can also be given some mark.

The worst of them all is Babangida. He laid the foundation for corruption in Nigeria and also destroyed the country. Babangida was the champion of all thieves who seriously decimated Nigeria and brought Nigeria to its knees. Babangida was also an unconscionable murderer. He murdered Mamman Vatsa and many others. The Babangida effects, killing and stealing, will not go away until his offsprings in power are eliminated.

The bottom line about Nigeria is that, with this level of greed, normality cannot be restored until there is serious bloodletting; I am sorry to say. Major destruction must take place to start any reconstruction as reconstruction cannot start while these destructive elements are still around. The only stimuli that humans respond to, for any positive change or progress to happen, are imminent suffering, pain, or death. Those in charge today are cancers, not leaders; they wonât let you until you kill them all.

Those guns and ammo that they are buying with our money will be used to chase them out of the country. Let them buy; we shall see.
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