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Travellers from Ebola stricken countries to face enhanced screening measures at 5 major U.S airports.
| October 09, 2014
The U.S government has announced that travelers from the three hardest hit West African countries (Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone) will face enhanced screening measures at the five busiest international airports in the USA. The airports are the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York; Washington Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C; OâHard International Airport in Chicago; Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta; and Newark Liberty International Airport outside New York. These measures come more than a week after a Liberian man became the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. He later died at the Dallas hospital where he was being treated. In a conference call with state and local officials, President Obama discussed Ebola in the U.S and said that these new measures will give them the ability to âisolate, evaluate, and monitor traveller as needed.â The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) staff members will work with Customs and Border Patrol to perform the screening. Travellers from Ebola-stricken countries will be taken to an area where theyâll have their temperatures taken, and staff will look for signs of illness and ask the traveller a series of questions. Those travellers who display symptoms will be further evaluated in a CDC quarantine station. According to authorities, more than 90 percent of people who travel to the US from the three Ebola-ridden countries arrive at one of the five airports that have been selected.

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Akin Mebude    Warri, Nigeria    October 10, 2014
This is great. Whatever any Country can do to stop the spread of Ebola should be welcomed.
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