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Want to marry two Eritrean is what you need to know
| January 28, 2016

The news that Eriteria has announced that men must marry at least two wives or get jailed for life has been trending around the world for days now.  Eritrea is ranked number 6, with world most beautiful girls. A place that has produced women are talented fashion models and beauty queens. One attractive thing about these ladies is their curvaceous bodies.

A lot of Nigerian men and men from other African countries are happy about this new "marriage law" in Eritrea and are seriously considering getting a visa to Eritrea in order to enjoy this marriage bonanza and the benefits that the government is offering. If you are considering your chances at getting to a place that will "force" you to marry more than one woman, here is what you should know just before you leave for Eritrea.

The State of Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa, Asmara as its capital with Isaias Afwerki as president.  Eritrea is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. Official languages are Tigrigna, English and Arabic. Eritrea’s currency is the Eritrean nakfa.  Sharp Nigerians would be learning Tigrigna and Arabic now.

Procedure for Entry Visa and Residency in Eritrea

An Eritrean tourist visa is required for citizens of Nigeria. All applicants must apply in person at the nearest Embassy of Eritrea. Prior to travelling to Eritrea, register your trip and contact information on-line or at Nigerian local embassy or consulate when you arrive Eritrea, so they are able to call you in an urgent situation. Comply with the Eritrean law.

Check to be sure if you require visas for Eritrea and bear in mind an Eritrean visa doesn’t guarantee entry in to Eritrea.

It is also important to note that non-nationals coming to Eritrea under a contract of employment only enter into the country on an employment visa. Eritrean Embassies issue this type of visa after they make sure the person is accepted by the MLHW (Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare). After three months of arrival, you are issued a work permit from MLHW and residence permit from Department of Immigration and Nationality is granted. now have your residencey and can now  start working on the beautiful Eritrean ladies and convince then on why they should marry a Nigerian.

Procedures of Marriage in Eritrea : The Draft Civil Code of Eritrea states that the marriageable age for both sexes is 18 unless the woman is pregnant and declaration is made by a doctor. Be careful that you are not misled to asking out an under-age. Also, in Eritrea, marriage is seen to be a contract between couples. There are three types of marriages legally accepted which are religious marriage, customary marriage and civil marriage. To enforce its legality there needs to be two witnesses from the bride and two witnesses from the bridegroom and one person (middleman) which is usually selected by both parties. This works for the three types of marriages. Hey guys, you have to get acquintances as soon as you get into Eritrea sharply as you need some

Eritrea attractions: There are numerous places of attractions in Eritrea, from places of worship for christians and muslims (where you could possibly meet godly women) to fun places. Here are some of the places tourists are drawn to: National museum of Eritrea, National parks of Eritrea, the Dahlak marine national park, Semenawi national park, massawa Islands, Dahlak Islands, Asmara zoo, Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin mosque (for muslims) and Nda Mariam orthodox church (for Christians).

Don’t you think you could just go on a date to one of these places with two or more beautiful ladies, propose to them at the same time and place? Wow! Hey, do not worry about the marriage festivities and accommodation, I hear the government will take care of these things...haha..yes really.

Culture: Like every other place in the world, people tend to accept you more when you eat their local food, wear their local attire and act like they do. Eritrea is not different. Upon arrival at Eritrea, get used to their food known as the Eritrean cuisine which is a reflection of the country's history. It consists of various stews made from vegetables and meat and served on top a large, flat sourdoughbread called injerra or tayta. The injerra is commonly eaten in the rural areas. It is a pancake-like bread. In the urban centers one finds the strong influence of Italian cuisine, and pasta is served in all restaurants. The lowland groups have a different food tradition than the highlands with the staple food being a porridge ( asida in Arabic) made of sorghum. Hmm..yummy!

Obviously, the culture of Eritrea is the collective cultural heritage of the various populations inhabiting Eritrea. It shares historic commonalities with the traditions of Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan.

Another of Eritrea’s local custom include the coffee ceremony where coffee is served when visiting friends, at festivities or on a normal day. And Eritrea’s music is a wonder you cannot just imagine. Eritrea has nine ethnic groups, each of which have their own different styles of music and accompanying dances. A common instrument used by many of the communities is the drum. Amongst the Tigray-Tigrinya, the best known traditional musical genre is called guaila. Are you imagining a marriage ceremony with an Eritrean already?

Whether true or not, the Eritrean law is trending and in favor of our men…wink.  As you make a decision to move to Eritrea in search of a wife..oops, wives,  be sure you want to be a polygamist or else you could end up in jail for the rest of your life.































































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