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Top 10 reasons Nigerians give for having plastic surgery
| March 03, 2016

The truth is, an average woman may not have to meet movie star standards of beauty – but most of us are sure going to try anyway.

With celebrities like T.., no, we do not want to mention names, looking all pretty and perfect body-wise, it's no surprise that millions of women around the world have turned to cosmetic surgery for smoother skin, perkier breasts, and a super-cinched waistline.

And in Nigeria where a lot of women are unhappy with their bodies, talking about skin color, belly fat, waist-line and more, it makes sense that so many women are undergoing plastic surgery procedures to meet the sleek and sculpted standard of beauty celebrities from Hollywood and Nollywood has imposed on us all. Some popular reasons are:

1. Accidents can leave people scarred or deformed. For example, car accidents, workplace mishaps, lab experiments gone wrong, fire incidents, sports, etc. can wreak havoc on the body and sometimes the only option is cosmetic surgery.

2. Birth defects and birthmarks such as cleft lips, ear deformities and skeletal deformities can cause physical and emotional pains. Reconstructive surgery which is a series of surgeries done as the person grows is often times necessary to correct these defects and restore normal functioning and appearance.

3. Cancer especially that of the breast is very common in Nigeria today. Hence, reconstructive breast surgery is common among women who have undergone a mastectomy. Although the procedure is not necessary from a medical standpoint, it helps ease psychological trauma.

4. Weight loss. A lot of women want to stay fit, look perky and smart at all times. Of course, no one likes to look voluminous and lazy, hence they try to remove excess skin and fat to retain their self esteem. Removing the excess skin is a way to correct the appearance of the damage caused by obesity.

5. Vanity/Self esteem/Self-image. People love to judge others for getting cosmetic surgery. One sincere fact is, there’s really no difference between altering one’s appearance using makeup, fake nails, fake eyelashes and using more permanent methods like plastic surgery, hmm..oh yes. If it makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it..Don’t you think so too? Boob jobs, nose jobs, tummy tucks and butt lifts may seem frivolous to some but can make all the difference in the world to someone who suddenly feels beautiful or handsome, yes many men get “work” done too!

Not all women want to go the surgery way though. Some are blessed while some feel they are not and this can cause pain. In some cases, plastic surgery is medically warranted, in others it is vanity. Again, even men get enlargements or reductions done on their bodies. The fact is, the ultimate objective is to be a happy person living on earth and able to function in life the way they want. Well, in no particular order, from our research, the Top 10 reasons are:

1. To look forever young (like looking 18 at 55 years of age)

2. To look beautiful 24/7 (especially when you do not have to look like a monster in the mornings)

3. To get admired always

4. Erase mistakes (e.g scars on the body)

5. Increase in the right places (e.g breast and hips enlargement)

6. To be comfortable in one's own skin

7. To look like their role model (could be a local or international celebrity)

8. To fix abnormalities (deformities from birth)

9. To make sex better (that look and feeling of being sexier)

10. To stay fit and smart

Whatever your reasons, weigh the options carefully, realize that any surgery presents risks, and that the results may cover up a bigger problem. Do not have plastic surgery to please your partner. You are who you are, not a clay model for someone to play with. Always respect yourself and be true to who you are.

If plastic surgery will make you feel like a queen and you feel in your heart that it’s the right course of action, then do your research, find a reputable surgeon and let the transformations begin!

Here is a list of some reputable businesses that offer these services, such as weight loss and more:

* Grandville Medical and Laser

* Amazing Weight Loss Centre

* Oleander Health Shop

* Sparkle Natural Beauty Centre

* Quincy Herbal Slimmers

* Le Fit Slimming World

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