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4 steps to acquiring a property in Nigeria
| April 11, 2016

As the year runs by, a lot of us are working really hard to achieve our set goals. For some, rounding up with school, others getting married, while some want a car before the year runs out and others want to own a house in one of Nigeria’s choicest cities, say Lagos (Centre of Excellence), Abuja (Centre of Unity), Port Harcourt (capital of Rivers state, the Treasure Base of the Nation), Calabar (Capital of Cross River state, the People’s Paradise) and Enugu (Coal City state).

For whatever goals you must have set, you will get there with plans and hard work. Here, we would be talking about steps to own a property in Nigeria’s choicest cities:

  1. The first thing is to have a budget. Budget helps you plan and as a serious minded person, budget helps you achieve. A properly defined budget does it all. Well, like a lot of us that plan to own a house this year, buying a house is not the same as buying a household item or a fashion item or something you can buy on impulse. Buying a house especially in any of the above cities in Nigeria is one of the biggest buys and yes, a very important one at that. So, you have to make real research about the area you would want to buy your house and what you can afford according to your budget. Your thorough research will bring you to finding a lot of properties that will catch your fancy, do not forget to compare them all.
  2. The next step is to visit and inspect all the houses that you seem to be interested in. As a smart Nigerian, compare and compare everything comparable for you to pick the best out of them all. After all, you do not have anything to loose, this is going to be one important buy for you. You have to go for the best. No regrets later. So, with someone who is an expert in property quality, visit the property (ies) you are interested in buying, inspect the environs, the building itself, check for things that should be fixed, structural damages and more. This will determine two things- either you renegotiate or withdraw/continue with your interest. Do not be talked into buying a property that you have a doubt about.
  3. When you finally find a property that you cannot wait to pay for and claim ownership, do not be in a rush. Calm down, then investigate. Yes, investigate who the owner is, who is selling the property, why they are selling the property, etc. Confirm authenticity of the every document that comes with this property. You can do this by checking with the local registry and the state government and ensure that this property is not a government property nor have any pending issues or litigation on it. Whatever location/state you might be acquiring your property, check with the appropriate bodies before making payment to avoid fraud or government “wahala”.
  4. So, with your lawyer and all available documents, you can make payments. After payments, please collect all receipts. Do not leave any for another day. Lastly, after you have collected all documents and receipts, file them with the State Government. This makes your purchase a valid one.

So, with these four (4) concise steps, you are just on your way to acquiring a property in one of Nigeria’s coolest cities. Congratulations in advance.

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