Chapter II
Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy

Educational objectives-

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    1. Government shall direct its policy towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels.
    2. Government shall promote science and technology
    3. Goverment shall strive to eradicate illiteracy; and to this end Government shall as and when practiable provide
      1. free, compulsory and universal primary education;
      2. free secondary education;
      3. free university education; and
      4. free adult literacy programme.

  1. The foreign policy objectives shall be -
    1. promotion and protection of the national interest;
    2. promotion of African integration and support for African unity;
    3. promotion of international co-operation for the consolidation of universal peace and mutual respect among all nations and elimination of discrimination in all its manifestations;
    4. respect for international law and treaty obligations as well as the seeking of settlement of international disputes by negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication; and
    5. promotion of a just world economic order.

  2. The State shall protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air and land, forest and wild life of Nigeria.
  3. The State shall -
    1. protect, preserve and promote the Nigerian cultures which enhance human dignity and are consistent with the fundamental objectives as provided in this Chapter; and
    2. encourage development of technological and scientific studies which enhance cultural values.
  4. The press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this Chapter and uphold the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people.
  5. The national ethics shall be Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social, Justice, Religious Tolerance, Self-reliance and Patriotism. Duties of the citizen
  6. It shall be the duty of every citizen to -
    1. abide by this Constitution, respect its ideals and its insitutitions, the National Flag, the National Anthem, the National Pledge, and legitimate authorities;
    2. help to enhance the power, prestige and good name of Nigeria, defend Nigeria and render such national service as may be required
    3. respect the dignity of other citizens and the rights and legitimate interests of others and live in unity and harmony and in the spirit of common brotherhood;
    4. make positive and useful contribution to the advancement, progress and well-being of the community where he resides;
    5. render assistance to appropriate and lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order; and
    6. declare his income honestly to appropriate and lawful agencies and pay his tax promptly.

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