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Second Schedule


Part I

Exclusive Legislative List


1. Accounts of the Government of the Federation, and of offices, courts, and authorities thereof, including audit of those accounts.

2. Arms, ammunition and explosives.

3. Aviation, including airports, safety of aircraft and carriage of passengers and goods by air.

4. Awards of national titles of honour, decorations and other dignities.

5. Bankruptcy and insolvency

6. Banks, banking, bills of exchange and promissory notes.

7. Borrowing of moneys within or outside Nigeria for the purposes of the Federation or of any State.

8. Census, including the establishment and maintenance of machinery for continuous and universal registration of births and deaths throughout Nigeria.

9. Citizenship, naturalisation and aliens.

10. Commercial and industrial monopolies, combines and trusts.

11. Construction, alteration and maintenance of such roads as may be declared by the National Assembly to be Federal trunk roads.

12. Control of capital issues.

13. Copyright

14. Creation of States

15. Currency, coinage and legal tender

16. Customs and excise duties

17. Defence

18. Deportation of persons who are not citizens of Nigeria

19. Designation of securities in which trust funds may be invested.

20. Diplomatic, consular and trade representation.

21. Drugs and poisons.

22. Election to the offices of President and Vice-President or Governor and Deputy Governor and any other office to which a person may be elected under this Constitution, excluding election to a local government council or any office in such council.

23. Evidence

24. Exchange control

25. Export duties

26. External affairs

27. Extradition

28. Fingerprints identification and criminal records.

29. Fishing and fisheries other than fishing and fisheries in rivers, lakes, waterways, ponds and other inland waters within Nigeria.

30. Immigration into and emigration from Nigeria

31. Implementation of treaties relating to matters on this list

32. Incorporation, regulation and winding up of bodies corporate, other than co-operative societies, local government councils and bodies corporate established directly by any Law enacted by a House of Assembly of a State.

33. Insurance.

34. Labour, including trade unions, industrial relations; conditions, safety and welfare of labour; industrial disputes; prescribing a national minimum wage for the Federation or any part thereof; and industrial arbitrations.

35. Legal proceedings between Governments of States or between the Government of the Federation and Government of any State or any other authority or person.

36. Maritime shipping and navigation, including -

(a) shipping and navigation on tidal waters;

(b) shipping and navigation on the River Niger and its affluents and on any such other inland waterway as may be designated by the National Assembly to be an international waterway or to be an inter-State waterway;

(c) lighthouses, lightships, beacons and other provisions for the safety of shipping and navigation;

(d) such ports as may be declared by the National Assembly to be Federal ports (including the constitution and powers of port authorities for Federal ports).