Plateau State, Nigeria

Capital: Jos
Area: 30,913 sq kilometres
Population: 3,178,712 (2006 est.)
Language(s): Hausa, Birom, Ngas, Taroh, Anaguta, Afezere, Ron-Kulere, Mwagavul, Gumai, Bassa
Governor: Simon Lalong (APC)
ISO 3166-2: NG-PL
Date Created: 3 February 1976
Population Rank: Ranked 26th



Plateau State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. It is the twelfth largest state in Nigeria, and gets its name from the Jos Plateau. It is in the central region of Nigeria and its capital is Jos.

The State is situated almost in the middle of the country. To its North are Kaduna and Bauchi states while Benue state is at its Southern border. It is flanked in the east by Taraba State and in the west by Nassarawa state.


Plateau state was created in February 1976 when it was carved out of Benue-Plateau State.

The original name of the state capital, Jos, was actually "Gwosh" but it was wrongly pronounced as 'Jos' by the Hausa who settled on the site and turned it into a trading centre.


Plateau State is said to be a miniature Nigeria primarily because nearly all the ethnic groups of Nigeria are present there.

There are more than 50 ethnic groups in Plateau state. These include: Berom, Ngas, Tarok, Alago, Goemai, Mada, Nwaghavul, Ron, Gbagyi, Eggan, Youn, Montol, Gwandara, Mapun, Chip, Rindre, Bagghom, Egbura, Hausa, Fulani, Kambari, Bassa, Afo, Fler, Ninzam, Koro, Gade, Amo etc. Its unique geographical features and numerous ethnic groups make it a mosaic of socio-cultural activities in Nigeria.

Local Government Areas

The state has 17 Local Government: Barikin Ladi, Bassa, Bokkos, Jos East, Jos North, Jos South, Kanam, Kanke, Langtang North, Langtang South, Mangu, Mikang, Pankshin, Qua'an Pan, Riyom, Shendam, Wase.


University of Jos, Police Staff College, Bukuru, St. Augustine Major Seminary, Jos and the Theological College of Northern Nigeria. The State boasts of many institutions of research and learning such as the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom and NDLEA Command College.

Business Opportunities

Agricultural products are available in large scale and these include potatoes, groundnut, vegetables of varied sorts,fruits, yams and many other items.

Natural resources as cassiterite, barytes, clay, kaolin columbite, tin, gemstone, galena quartz and feldspar.


Assop Falls, Rivom LGA Physical * Shere Hills, Near Jos Physical * Riyom Rock Formation, Rivom Physical * International Youth Tourism Centre, Kurra Falls Physical/Man-made * Rayfield Resort, Jos Man-made Resort * Heleena Farms, Liberty Dam Physical/Man-made * Jos Wildlife Park Wildlife Eco-Tourism * Jos Zoo/Museum Zoo/Monument * Naraguta Leather Works, Arts & Crafts/ Naraguta Souvenirs * Solomon Lar Amusement Park Man-made

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State Liason Office:
2, John J. Kadiya Close, Off Jose Marti Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja