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Ode To Chief James Brown

By: Babawilly

I woke up
With James Brown on my mind
His dance, his shuffles,
His gallons of sweat.

He glamorized the dull
Made mighty the small
He put pride in all black men
He glamorised hard work.

Hard work was dull
Hard work was small
But when King James worked hardest
We all saw the light.

You need that job?
Don't break out in a 'cold sweat'
Keep on C.V dropping
Saying 'please please please'
But when money come
Remember your women
For though it's a man's world
It is nothing.......

The new breed flash Dollar bills
Too fat and spoilt to dance
Too lazy to learn
With filth in the mouth
And talent in their souls
They testify it's no rumour
That hard work's out of fashion

What do you mean
You have no money!
But I'm a civil servant
So what so what
Look at young Tony
In that same country
He has built four big houses
And he is half your age
But Aunty, Tony's 419
And currently in jail
But I am upright
And work real hard
Shut up you rat
Abi na hard work
I go chop?

There is pride in labour
Hard workers need applause
But if the world is silent
Better clap for yourself
If J.B were Naija
By now na contractor
I'm glad he ain't
I'm glad he still works
Oh! King James
Keep showing that GOOD example.


© 2000 - Babawilly

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