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Franca De La Renta

By: Babawilly

On campus is Franca
To improve her bad lingua
It's a pity no one told her
Her breath's like the sewer.

I tried hard to date her
She eat all my Suya
And now I'm a pauper
She says it's all over

She reminds me of vomit
I saw in the sick bay
She's ugly like dead fish
Afloat on the Benue

Will borrow fine raiments
Down to undergarments
No wonder girls call her
Franca De La Renta

In short she's a schemer
A crude yellow bleacher
The mother who had her
Should be stabbed through the liver.

Excerpt from an upcoming novel- Blind Procedure by Babawilly.

© February 2001 - Babawilly

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