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The Reseller program offers interested individuals and organizations an opportunity to earn extra income by reselling services and products.

The NgEX Reseller program provides you with the very best combination of pricing, products and support available!

We supply the products, you offer them to your customers and receive generous commissions and we provide you with support and management tools.

Our complete, ready-to-go set-up means you're up and running...FAST! Click here to sign up now

Simply choose the products or services that you wish to offer to your clients. You may set your own prices or offer our own pricing. Either way you still receive a commission off our own prices.

You can resell and get commissions by selling

  • Advertising,
  • Business Directory Listings
Click for Full Listing of NgEX Products and Pricing

For a limited time, Website designers, Hosting Companies, Graphic Artists, Organizations (cultural, social or professional), and other non-profit organizations can add their business / organizations address in the Business directory

Click Here To Learn More

Integrate tools into your website or your clientís sites to enhance your site.
  • Link directly from your customerís "Contact Us" page or Address to their entry in the NgEX business directory so visitors can easily verify your client's contact information

  • Place an NgEX reseller image on your website. Get an image now

  • Integrate our search boxes into your wepages to allow your users search directly from your website(s) Click for more info
Our technology and support focused people make it easy for you . Guaranteed!

Why wait? Get started in our fast-paced, reseller business - sign up today!

The NgEX Reseller Program is absolutely FREE. Join Today.

Click here to sign up now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Reseller?
Anyone can be a Reseller. Whether you're a web designer, entrepreneur, developer, programmer or just want to make extra money, you can join our lucrative Reseller Program.

How Do I Join?
Simple. Register by sending us your contact information
(Click here).

- Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a description and price list of our products and services.

- Then all you have to do is introduce products and services to your clients, deduct your commission from the payment and deposit the balance in our accounts or when making a payment in person.

Please note: You must register with us before you can deduct commissions from your payment. If you are not a registered Reseller and you make a payment less than the requested amount your payment will be considered incomplete

How Much Commission Can I Make?
For a limited time, we are offering a flat 20% commission on all of our products that you resell.

Can I get a commission if I use the service for my own business?
Yes. If you have been approved as a Reseller, you get a discount any time you purchase our products for any reason. Currently, the reseller discount is 20%.

How Do I get Paid?
Simple, you deduct your commission (20%) and deposit the balance in our account. Once the deposit is confirmed your clientís product/service will be activated. (Click here for payment methods)

Where can I find a list of products and services I can offer to my clients?
Visit or send an e-mail to reseller(at)

How do I get the code for the links I put on my site?
Just visit and copy the codes for the tools you will like to use.

Terms and Guidelines.
Participating in our reseller programs is subject to our Reseller Terms of Use Reseller Terms.

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