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Know where and how they want it

NGEX Insights help you understand customers’ behavior and interests.

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Understand Audiences

Insights derived from activity on NGEX online and offline platforms enable us understand consumer preferences, behaviors, needs, and beliefs that help unlock fresh insights that drive your business.

With NGEX insights, you can connect with your customers and prospects better, stay one step ahead of your competition, discover business-changing insights, target the right segments and customers, and identify better opportunities.

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Trends in search (2018)

See what was trending in Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora in 2018.

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Competitive Insights

See how users search for your brand, products and services and compare with searches for your competition and industry.

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Consumer Insights

Explore NGEX search data to gain insights about consumer preferences and purchase behaviors. Make better strategic decisions with your marketing campaigns and ad spending.

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