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Lapo Microfinance Bank


Address: 18, Dawson Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-52882168      Tel 2: +234-52882169     

Offers customers access to individual savings, overdraft, Housing, Education and Agric loan. more

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria


Address: 10, Ewiase (forestry) Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8033481209     

FMBN encourage programs that would enhance housing financing among low and medium income earners.


Skye Bank


Address: 143, Sapele Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-52875976     

We offer your business a range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of your industry more

Skye Bank


Address: Forestry Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-52876147     

Discover the true meaning of convenience with our transaction and electronic banking products. more

Skye Bank


Address: Ugbowo, Ugbowo, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8134063079     

Our unique retail lending services at Ugbowo branch enable us to offer value services to our clients more

Bank Of Agriculture


Address: 3, Oba Market Road, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8037820354     

Our document attached here are information-sharing system that should help to transforming livestock more

Bank Of Agriculture


Address: Beside Police Station, Irrua, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8037096656     

Providing farmers with up-to-date and accurate information on how best to care for their animals. more

Bank Of Agriculture


Address: 20, Efolo Rd, Ibillo, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8035776845     

Agribusiness leader have received more sophisticated up-to-date training than our university teacher more

Bank Of Agriculture


Address: 64, Obe Street, Sabo-ora, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8036838215     

We provide affordable credit facilities to segments of the Nigerian society who have little access. more

Bank Of Agriculture


Address: 9, Mission Road, Fugar, Edo, Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-8036072014     

We accept savings deposit from customers and encourage banking habits at the grass-roots. more

Showing Results 1 - 10 of 151