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Author Name: Paul I. Adujie
Number of articles: 199
Despite the upsurge of Christian and Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism in Nigeria, there is dearth... (0) Comment

Article Archive

Nigeria: Why Are Igbos Kidnapping Other Igbos for Ransom Money? By Dr. Ozodi Osuji, A Response
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 23, 2011
Rising antisocial behaviors in Nigeria? It is desperation, stupid! Economic desperation! I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but, I will be quick... (0) Comment

Islam, Political Islam, Paranoia, Irrational & Unreasonable Fears
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 21, 2011
What are the aspirations of Egyptians? Could it be an outcome for Egyptians or an outcome which is preferred by the Americans, Europeans, Israel and Saudi... (0) Comment

Revolution, Is Impossible In Nigeria? Some Say NEVER! Says Who?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 21, 2011
Since the political and constitutional upheaval in Tunisia, then followed by Egypt and now Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen and so on, some Nigerians have... (0) Comment

Hosni Mubarak's Dictatorship, Defeated & Gone; What Is Next For Egypt?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 14, 2011
Hosni Mubarak, the infamous dictator, tyrant, authoritarian and absolute ruler of Egypt is gone! It is a new day in Egypt! Egyptians as jubilate, celebrate... (0) Comment

America Is Friend, Ally of Dictators and Tyrants Worldwide
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 08, 2011
President Barack Obama it was, who once stated that Africa need strong institutions and not strong men. But now we know these statements are mere deep... (0) Comment

Imagine If Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan Etc Were Democracies?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | February 08, 2011
As a non-Arab concerned with the plight of the people of Palestine and the burgeoning non-beguiling ordeal of the people of Iraq, I am forced to wonder... (0) Comment

America Issues A Terse, Tepid Response, On Egypt! WHY?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | January 31, 2011
In the face of public protests and demonstrations, a constitutional and political upheaval in Egypt, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary... (0) Comment

American Terrorist in Tucson Arizona
Author: Paul I. Adujie | January 11, 2011
An all American terrorist shot six persons to death, this terrorist, this monster, this animal was allowed to purchase an automatic 9 millimeter weapon... (0) Comment

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange As Person of The Year & Nobel Prize Candidate
Author: Paul I. Adujie | December 21, 2010
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks is out of detention and custody after 9 days of deprivations. This Julian Assange-WikiLeaks controversies, is... (2) Comment

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange, Heroism, Courage, Visionary of Our Time
Author: Paul I. Adujie | December 08, 2010
Julian Assange, journalist, whistle-blower, freedom of information activist, the founder of WikiLeaks have been arrested and detained in Britain. Julian... (4) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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President Muhammadu Buhari's 2016 Budget Speech - “The Budget of Change"
December 22, 2015 | saifullahi h umar gwarzo | 1 posts
Alhamdulillah thanks to allah to help us with great leaders,Ya allah protect them and my country nageria...  Post comment »
26 things you did not know about Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari
April 02, 2015 | "Coming In From The Cold" | 1 posts
Welcome on board again, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB – Great Man Buhari)). My spirit is high and...  Post comment »
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Nigeria: The 19 Northern Governors in the Eyes of the People
August 04, 2011 |  Chioma | 1 posts
This is nothing but the truth.  Post comment »
Why Biafra may be a bad idea
May 25, 2015 |  James Udo Kalu | 1 posts
Is this "coin" having only one side? How is the other side like? May we have a look!  Post comment »
The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare
May 20, 2015 |  Don C | 1 posts
This writer is simply is ignorant as his article. He had in an attempt to appear unbiased brought Ironsi...  Post comment »
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