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Author Name: Paul I. Adujie
Number of articles: 199
Despite the upsurge of Christian and Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism in Nigeria, there is dearth... (0) Comment

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Bailouts & Rescues Worldwide, But How About Africa Etc?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | November 29, 2010
Ireland has agreed to accept a massive infusion of bailout from the European Economic Union and the IMF, International Monetary Fund valued or estimated... (1) Comment

Haiti, 2 Million Persons Still Homeless 10 Months After Earthquake!
Author: Paul I. Adujie | October 13, 2010
Searing images have been burned into our collective memories from the earthquake calamities and catastrophes which befell Haiti on January 12, 2010. Ten... (2) Comment

Democrats, Timid, Timorous & Tentative; But Why?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | September 16, 2010
President Obama is famous for his delicate balancing acts and his suave Olympian neutrality. President Obamaâs unflinching and unyielding dreams of... (0) Comment

Ambassador John Campbell Is An Undiplomatic Loud Mouth!
Author: Paul I. Adujie | September 16, 2010
There is nothing to know or learn about and from Ambassador John Campbell, if there is at all, it must be that, he is not a friend of Nigeria! If he were... (0) Comment

Koran Burning Epitomizes Islamophobia in America?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | September 09, 2010
An obscure pastor of an equally obscure church in Florida is leading efforts to burn copies of the Koran throughout America and perhaps worldwide, on... (1) Comment

Nigeria, General Elections Is Jan. 2011 ; Where Are The Candidates, Manifestoes?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | September 02, 2010
Nigerians and Nigeria now have barely four and a half months to a general elections scheduled for January 2011. And so, after 50 years of flag-political... (0) Comment

Nigerians Have Met Enemies of Nigeria, Enemies Of Nigeria Are Nigerians!
Author: Paul I. Adujie | September 01, 2010
Who are we as Nigerians? What exactly do we stand for these days? Nothing perhaps?Nigerians are now fanatical about Arsenal , Liverpool and Manchester... (1) Comment

Israel Prepares To, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | August 24, 2010
âWe write to alert you to the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran as early as this month. This would likely lead to a wider war.â The above... (0) Comment

Muslims & Islam; Under Siege, Pressures In America, Still!
Author: Paul I. Adujie | August 19, 2010
Muslims in America, and particularly in New York City, are under sustained barrages of attacks. The latest in the salvo, is the palpable fear . Some in... (3) Comment

China Bashing & Foreign Investments in Africa
Author: Paul I. Adujie | July 22, 2010
Who exactly defines, asserts, defend and protect continental Africaâs best interests? Why are too many Africans aping, and regurgitating acerbic criticisms... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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President Muhammadu Buhari's 2016 Budget Speech - “The Budget of Change"
December 22, 2015 | saifullahi h umar gwarzo | 1 posts
Alhamdulillah thanks to allah to help us with great leaders,Ya allah protect them and my country nageria...  Post comment »
26 things you did not know about Nigeria's President-elect Muhammadu Buhari
April 02, 2015 | "Coming In From The Cold" | 1 posts
Welcome on board again, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB – Great Man Buhari)). My spirit is high and...  Post comment »
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Nigeria: The 19 Northern Governors in the Eyes of the People
August 04, 2011 |  Chioma | 1 posts
This is nothing but the truth.  Post comment »
Why Biafra may be a bad idea
May 25, 2015 |  James Udo Kalu | 1 posts
Is this "coin" having only one side? How is the other side like? May we have a look!  Post comment »
The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare
May 20, 2015 |  Don C | 1 posts
This writer is simply is ignorant as his article. He had in an attempt to appear unbiased brought Ironsi...  Post comment »
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