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Libya; Why Not Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc ?
Author: Paul I. Adujie | March 21, 2011
Today, France, Britain and the United States began a process which will culminate in the overthrow of Moamar Gadaffi, the dictator and tyrant who has... (8) Comment



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Wayfarer    Tucson, USA    March 20, 2011
I ask you. Why do you expect Western nations to be more moral or just than African or Middle Eastern nations?
AS    ,     March 20, 2011
Arab League will willingly crush protest, as they did in Bahrain, but have no moral authority to evict a fellow Arab leader like Qaddafi, no matter how despotic a ruler he might be. Imagine the scope for protest if such a thing happened. All Arab leaders, whether King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia or Qaddafi of Libya are more or less the same degree of autocracy. It is far easier for the Arab League to ask the West to intervene and then nitpick at their convenience.
american trucker    CEDAR RAPIDS, United States Of America    March 20, 2011
there are many people here in the states who argue that we should become isolationist again as we were before ww2, many argue why are we sending our men to fight others fights, why are we sending our men to die for others? after reading this article i would say im inclined to agree with them, why should we invest our BILLIONS of dollars into some ungratful 4th world country that has allowed some despot to rule them?

How is it our responsibility to correct others mistakes?why should we get involved when those morons cant even figure out that its really hard to make money of a dead guy.
pcow    Barisal, BD    March 20, 2011
U.S coming and France's fighter plane are seeing today on Libya's sky. I've found some especial youtube video. I think it's a great drama cast by Western country. They wish to fully destroyed Middle East Arab nation. But LOL.......­...U.N and NATO also supported them.
JonB    , United States    March 20, 2011
Thousands of people have died in Libya and Gadhafi has shown no qualms about killing his own people. It's not just the West but the rebels in Libya and other Arab nations were requesting the UN to institute a no fly zone. The same can not be said for other countries experiencing unrest. And in the other countries, the death toll has been a tiny fraction of the deaths in Libya. The US, UK, and France bent over backwards to make sure it was OK with the Arab League and individual Arab nations before instituting this measure which was introduced to the Security Council by Lebanon.
rushin2    Seattle, US    March 20, 2011
How's it our responsibility? Americans ask... Well. Americans have to wake-up and smell the sh.t! CIA has funded rebels in Libya for the last three decades! USofA has funded Hussein (not Barak, but Saddam). Nothing new. This oil story needs to die...
Gerald    ,     March 19, 2011
"why Libya?" is your question. "Because the regional mouthpiece has asked for intervention only in Libya" is the answer. As a direct result, said intervention has been endorsed as legal by the UN. It's not unilateral, thus, it's not Iraq all over again.

I think your real issue is with what you regard to be the actual or "moral" status/role of the Arab League and the UN. It sounds like you mistrust any international organization to the point where you think the US should ignore the international forum entirely and do whatever it feels is "moral", unilaterally - and that your gripe with Iraq is not that it was unilateral but that it was "immoral". Which misses the whole point - truthfully, honestly, you can't establish what is "moral" unilaterally... morality stems fundamentally from consensus
TigerTiger    , Formerly Nigeria, now the west    March 19, 2011
I appreciate the passion of the writer, but there are very good reasons for special treatment for Libya. The west sees him as a threat to itself and other parts of the world.

Gaddafi is an international terrorist and troublemaker who is capable of anything - and has proved it over and over. Hear him threatening to attack civilians and ships in the Mediterranean. The west knows he means it.

The oil he controls is actually not big in the scheme of things - not enough for the west to fight for. But the billions of dollars he has commandeered, wasted and used to play power games could instead have made a very big difference to the people of Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa. Libyans got very little out of it too, as you can see.

This money, which he gained in a coup controls by terrorism against the people of Libya, has been used to support Idi Amin, Mugabe, Charles Taylor, Foday Sankoh and others who have destroyed so much of Africa and its people. Gaddafi is even suspected of being behind the death of Thomas Sankara. He recently attempted to have the head of Sudan and the king of Saudi Arabia killed.

And you mentioned his disgusting treatment of black Africans living in Libya. The Ghanaians were the lucky ones a few years ago when their government sent a rescue aircraft while hundreds of black Africans from other countries were massacred around them. It is unbearable to think of what is happening to those trapped there now or lured to do his dirty work with false promises of big money,

And as for the west and colonialism in Africa, that's old and over. The Chinese have poured in and conned and corrupted African leaders in a way the west today wouldn't dare to do. They were one of the biggest presences in Libya too.

The big grab for African land and resources that has started and is continuing unchecked is coming from China. Africans are barking about the west while the Chinese are busy taking over the main prizes and offering very little in return, as is their way. The Chinese are also very racist and prefer to bring in their own workers rather than employ Africans for even the basic jobs.

The west has been very reluctant to go in to Libya and they are taking a big risk. There has been enormous debate and soul-searching in the western media and parliaments - all there out in the open. The reasons they are doing it are not what you claim. The Arab nations for the first time in history have voted together for one of their number to be reined in. Egypt and Tunisia, the Libyan people, and many parts of Africa also have a lot to gain from having Gaddafi sorted out .

It would be great if the west could sort out Zimbabe, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Somalia and other places you mentioned .It would be great if the west could sort out Zimbabe, Congo, Ivory Coast, Somalia and other places you mentioned. But is Africa able or willing to help them do it? Or even permit them to try?

Articles like this one are the reason the west don't want to get involved. If only it was as simple as oil or no oil
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