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Author Name: DMT. Nanaman
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 Who does not want to have a business on their own? An opportunity that anyone can have and... (0) Comment

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Effective Micro Businesses To Start In Nigeria 2018
Author: DMT. Nanaman | October 15, 2018

 Who does not want to have a business on their own? An opportunity that anyone can have and a potential for it to grow also be more lucrative. In the fast growing economy of our beloved Nigeria, this is the time to ride the tides of businesses and take the advantages of it as an individual entrepreneur.

Micro Business means a business that operates on a very small scale. It can also be characterized as a business with five or less representatives. A large number of these organizations now a days have no representatives other than the self-employed owners.

It takes courage and devotion to begin your own particular business, yet not much needing of cash.


Start simple, learn from it and grow with it. Here are few Effective Micro Businesses To Start in Nigeria 2018:


Livestock Farming

Population is growing and so as demands of this is needed. Livestock Farming is one of the fastest growing micro businesses in Nigeria. It may be for food or material textiles it is a sure income generating business.

Are you from a province or distant region? Then this is your time to shine. Livestock Farming gives the regional entrepreneurs advantage. As the animals needed a good space and suitable environment to grow fully and attract more buyers.


Thrift Shop

Good fashion does not need to be expensive! Thrift shop is an open door for the small time fashion gurus. This micro business targets any age in accordance to fashion. It may be for baby, toddlers, boys, girls, men and especially for ladies surely you will have a customer.

Have an eye with the latest trends and fashion? This one is for you. Thrift Shop is enticing to the community because everyone wanted to wear well and look best at less expense.


Online Selling

Internet and social media is your friend! Online Selling is one of the diversive micro businesses you can start with. With the comforts of your home, you can sell various products that you find useful and attractive towards buyers. It also gives few categories on what you sell, this means more prospective purchasers.

Build reputation, become a trusted seller and this will surely bring you more buyers in lesser need of advertising.


Drop Shipping

At first, it is a bit confusing but when you have opened your mind to how this category works then for sure you will enjoy it. 

In this subject you are about to sell products without having them in person or on your hand! Is it not that amazing? Selling products directly from a supplier, and when they are sold you are in no worries about the delivery of the items or product.



A friend of your friend needs someone who can help him/her move her things as they transfer from the old to new house. Or just a regular person who needs a lift to his/her working place so they won’t be late.

Here goes a Transportation services for you. Where a person who is in need of travel without any hassle can hire you. They exclusively avail your service according to their needs.


Buy and Sell

Imagine while walking along the road you saw some items that was on sale and you know some people who is in need or just interested of owning this . May be appliances or just some rare collectibles someone will always have an eye on it.

 In this field, you must have the passion in looking for the ideas to buy and patience to sell them on your customers. If you want to dip your feet in the ocean of entrepreneurship, a buy-and-sell business is a good venture to start.



Have you heard the phrase ‘the rise of the Yams’? …No?... Don’t worry I made that phrase!
BUT! With all seriousness, this is one of the good products that can be produced by Agriculture Business.

This category is growing both local and export for abroad. Imagine your micro business be the one providing the demands of this certain product. Wouldn’t that be awesome?



Everyone loves learning and loves to learn, especially for the parents who only wanted their children the best. So here goes the tutoring classes for some students who needed help on understanding or just wanted to study ahead of their teachers lessons.

If you are good and have some specialization in some subjects then you can earn from that. Even if you are still a student yourself, tutoring has no restrictions.



So there you have it! I hope everyone who read this will be able to gain guts and start to business.

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