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Author Name: oluseye daramola
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Last article added: Nigeria...Could be great
NIgeria was known to be a new born country in 1960, which is only 47 years ago; comparing United States... (0) Comment

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Nigeria...Could be great
Author: oluseye daramola | May 16, 2007

NIgeria was known to be a new born country in 1960, which is only 47 years ago; comparing United States with Nigeria is absolutely unfair to Nigeria and Nigerians, but absolutely fair to its government for bad management. After United States independence from the British it took several years before they get it together politically and economically. There is no difference at all between Nigeria today and America in the 1820s, maybe Nigeria is more advance compare to the U.S. when it was 47 years old. We can argue against Nigeria that this is modern times things are different from the 1800s, which is true but not when it come to managing a country. Managing a company sometimes takes 70 years for it to be prosperious, the founder of such company might not even live to see the success of what he/she started; now talking about a country where you have to deal with different elements, those that oppose your ideas, those that want you dead, the ones that wont let your policies transformed for all citizens to see, and the ones that even destroy what you have accomplished, it will take time and our generation might not even see the fruit of our good labor, but we are eating the fruit of the past generations' bad labor. The same people that have been ruling Nigeria since its independence are still there, which means these people are not capable of leading the country that many great countries look up to as the greatest in Africa. Even our African brothers see us as the only country in Africa got it, but they do not know what we got, nothing! Nigeria is not one man's job, it will take hundreds of men and women, adults and children to make it one of the greatest in the world since it is already a great country even in hardship. The President elect can only do much then the next will have to do much then it will continue like that till we have accumulate enough stability, power, experience, patient, prosperity, and knowledge to help others transform themselves into riches, because Nigeria will be rich; and only if the government have its people in mind when making policies and if the people abide instead of abandoning and destroying the infrastructures. Eradicate corruption, set up institutions, support ideas, and above all let there be accountability. Let the police be independent of the judiciary and let the judiciary be independent of the executive so should it be of the legislature and let us all work in accord to build one Nigeria not for our families and friends but for all Nigerians that people can look at us and say the Blacks can do it themselves. Do not let the history of us against us continue in this generation, let it be us for us. We should not sell eachother out anymore like we did when the portugese came and the british and the germans and the belgians and the french; as some of our leaders are still doing. Embezzlement of Nigeria's treasure then taking it to foreign accounts is still like selling our brothers and sisters into slavery, thanks to the Oyo mesi.

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