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Who is Babawilly?

I am a 'siddon comedian'.

My Theories on Laughter
In life we sometimes don't know whether to laugh or cry. I believe we need to do one or the other regularly to avoid too much tension. Laughter is preferable to crying.

The good book says that a merry heart does good like a medicine. How true.

Laughter is a drug we can all have without the fear of addiction, over dose or side effects (forget those people who say 'I nearly died laughing,' for there have been no deaths from happiness reported yet). A drug created by God almighty to relax the brain.

Well there might be just one side effect of this drug. You may start to smile some more if you increase the laughter.

All cars have exhaust pipes and I think laughter must be the exhaust emissions of the soul.

I hope you enjoy this collection.

As for the presidential aspirations, - "wait and see where I dey go, don't ask me where I dey go, make I reach where I dey go"- Fela Kuti.

God Bless


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My Jokes

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My Poems

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My Stories

  • The Three Chairmen
    I propose a land where all men will be free of police or Army harassment. Where the banks would be immune from government or police investigations. A land to be mapped out of the existing Abuja FCT, where all thieves have automatic immunity from prosecution. For example, if a lynch mob is screaming "Ole! Ole!" in hot pursuit of a thieve, as soon as he runs into Switzer-state's soil, he is free....more
  • Friendly War
    The ball is passed to our Afro-Disney player and before he could make contact with the ball the radioman shocked us all. "He beats one man, he beats two man, it is unbelievable. He beats three man! He's in a dangerous position o! He will score o!".....more
  • The Letter
    What lame excuse do you have for the multiple attempts you have made on the lives of my family? In Ajegunle you never gave us any problems but since your arrival in Victoria Island your attitude towards us has changed. Are you now ashamed of us after so many years of cohabitation?.....more

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My Music
I am a founding member of Alphaselect. The group was formed in 1998 to produce a theme song to Alphaselectcheer on the Super Eagles during the 1998 World Cup in France. The song The Whole Nigeria's Coming is available free for download exclusively at NigeriaExchange.
Download a sample and enjoy. MP3 | Real Media
Enjoyed the sample?, Here's the entire song in MP3 format.
....more about Alphaselect.

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