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Folk Tail

By: Babawilly

Dear All,

Dis wan na book I read am. Na folk tail dem call am.

We sabi cow tail, Borkotor, ponmo and di laik but whosai for folk tail now? Eniwe make we forget chop and nak dis tori jo.


Mama Sule dey sleep wen im pickins dem dey play ten-ten for goat shed.

Small time dem run enta bush lef door opun. All di goat escape. Mama Sule come wake den run enta main load dey shout 'mai goats o!. Papa Sule go kill me wen e come back eee!'.

One ol'papa siddon junction na'im she hask am if im see goat. The man deaf and e think say na wata she dey find so he point to stream.

No do no do Mama Sule reach come see all the goat dem but one babi goat fall for rock break leg na'im she carry am for hand.

As she pass the deaf man on di way home she dash the man the babi goat as thank-you.

The man no understand as e deaf.

'Stupid woman, no bi me break yua goat leg o!'. Some time fight start and pipo gada. The deaf man land Mama Sule slap na im she hold im shirt.

Small time efri bodi hanlele to chief house to settle di matta.

Chief siddon big chair for im big compound come listen as dem dey judge di case.

Deaf man talk firs. Then the woman.

Chief hask for food and wata and im wife serve am. E chop and efri bodi look am but e no invite anibodi say 'come chop'.

When e finis e raise hand and efri bodi quayet. E wan judge di case now o. But chief get secret. Im sef deaf and dey partially sighted. He look di man come shout

'Dis family fight na disgrace to my kingdom. You man, try to dey treat yua wife nicely from time to time'. To di woman e say 'Woman, never let mi hear say you late to give yua husband chop!'.

Chief come waka go where di woman stand with babi goat for hand. Chief look the woman hand sotey and everywhere come quayet.

Cheif come say 'Dis pickin fine well well o. Make God bless am sotey make e jus dey grow well well.' Mai pipo, as efri bodi fear chief na so dem shout 'Amen o!'.

Na wa!

© 2000 - Babawilly
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