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I Beg
By: Babawilly

  1. I been no beg to be born
    Yet mai Mama push me out
    I been no beg for una passport
    Yet na Naija I bi
    When I come beg for job
    Dem say I need training
    So I kuku beg for training
    Dem say ‘Sharrap yua mouth’

  2. I been no beg for tribe
    Yet I come from awa place
    I been no beg for enemies
    Yet the next village
    Dem no laik us at all.
    When I come ask for peace
    Dem say we need justice
    So I kuku beg for justice
    Dem say ‘Sharrap yua mouth’.

  3. I been no beg for cry
    Yet mai mouth full remain
    I been no beg for tears
    Yet e dey flow laik Benue
    So I ask big man for handkerchief
    E say ‘who bi yua mate’
    So I kuku beg to bi im mate
    E say ‘Sharrap yua mouth’.
© February 2003 - Babawilly

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