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O U R  R E A D E R S  W R I T E

Inquiring Heart

Eyes wide inquiring
Asking for confirmation of a lie
For many have lied to her
And another lashes with that lie
So daily the ritual
Even her life is now contrived
So her eyes open their mouth
And they talk to the listening stranger

The roving eyes that caress her
Do nothing but confuse
Reading contradictory text
From the same book of lies
They touch what is barred to them
And she basks in their embrace
Alas! Caution! The intruder walks in!
And she must reproach her lover
Turning her back on those eyes
Who beg for more, like Oliver
They crave that which belongs to another

The eyes that see her secret
What is lost on their bearer
The eyes that see the promise
To which many a back are turned
The bearer misses the point
In the haven and the refuge
He sees repulsive bulk
In a delicate and sensitive flower
He sees thorns and sagging petals
And he looks away at sunrise
So he misses the blossom too
The opulent petals who call to the touch
Alas! He runs on empty with his full tank.

Why must I decipher the codes
For him who held clues in his notes
But lives in a head full of useless quotes
And locks himself out with the key he holds?
Why must I give away what I crave
Wait another day for what I save
Hand to the squanderer that same
Jewel, and lock myself out of the frame
Where I truly belong?
No siree, I sing one song
I won't be right if this was wrong
So why travel far when home is only one foot long?.

May Q ©2000
London, England.

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