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Nigeria's Moment of Truth

By: Sam Abbd Israel

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April 20, 2002

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The world is at the tail end of a miserable and wretched ‘Golden Age’ nicknamed by all fair-minded persons on earth as the Age of Greed and Extreme.

Fortunately we are again standing at the beginning of a wonderful and peaceful New Age prophetically labelled as the Brass Age. Prophets, seers, sages, philosophers and all thinkers have foretold, philosophised, fictionalised and theorised about this particular moment. It has been futuristically called the Paradise, the Utopia, the Millennium, etc. and at long last it is here. This is the Age of Truth.

Nigeria like every other nation in the world must face this period with open minds and clean hands. The new season unfolding on earth shall call for a holistic review of the past errors of mankind and a reconciliation of the oversights, of the errors of omission and commission committed.

It shall demand from each of us a humble, remorseful and truthful request for forgiveness for all the wrongs done and to be tendered to ourselves and to our neighbours.

It shall demand that each of us should pay appropriate restitution in love, kindness and mercy to all those we wronged, knowingly or unknowingly.

Those wronged shall also be requested to accept the sincere apologies offered and to allow the spirit of truth to heal their wounds as they forgive those that injured and wronged them all these years.

Except all these things are done under the directive and guidance of the spirit of truth, the spirit of the Age, the joys of the glad tidings that this new season and age have brought will elude us once again.

This essay is an attempt to bring together most of the issues that were raised and analysed in the six pamphlets published under the Spirit of Truth. The salient objective of the essays is the healing of the soul of Nigerians and in turn the soul of the country.

It is important for the peoples of Nigeria to acknowledge that they are ill and that their nations and country are also equally very sick. The six essays were intended to create awareness about these physical and spiritual ailments in the political body.

This essay, Nigeria’s Moment of Truth, is a further attempt to synthesise all our findings and to bring them to a manageable resolution.

This essay contains inspirational messages on the need for repentance under Truth and Reconciliation; and on the need to make Perfection the cardinal aspiration of Nigeria instead of Greatness, which is the most popular but less understood choice of many nations. Lastly, it suggested and offered under Truth and Justice a simple guideline of moral and philosophical principles on which the emerging new nations of Nigeria should be established.

Truth and Reconciliation
Now this is the moment of truth for Nigeria. Nigeria, as mentioned several times by this writer, is a blessed land. The prophecy concerning Nigeria, though still hidden, will be revealed as at the time appointed. So far, Nigeria is politically poised and ready for the great task ahead.

The country has been divided into 36 states and grouped into six zones. Six is a number that signifies Love and seven is the number of perfection. By this innocuous geo-political division, Nigeria is ready to rebuild itself on a firm foundation of love and is wishing to grow up into its perfect state. If Nigerians are sincere in their desire, then the stupidity of the past and of the moment must be halted. The hatred of the past and of the moment must be stopped. Also, the cunning pregnant attitude, thoughts, words, deeds and behaviours of the past and of the moment must be aborted.

The first task of the moment is repentance. Each Nigerian must go back to his/her primary family and make peace with everyone without exception. Each person must put his/her life of lies to rest. It is sad but it is true, most family members don’t even know the true character of their father or mother or son or daughter or brother or sister. The beginnings of most families were established on intrigue, lie and dishonesty. And webs and webs of lies have since sustained the fictitious successive image the family presented to the world.

The thieving father or mother has hidden and guarded this terrible life style jealously away from his family. Nobody knows that he/she is a fake and a shallow liar who pretends to be what he/she is not. This father or mother goes about life spinning webs and webs of lies. He/she is now a psychological wreck that merely hides under a flimsy flamboyant robe of deceit, pretended successful life and deep-rooted psychological disability.

These serious problems are characterised by chronic sleeplessness except when under strong sedatives. The fools call it the price of success even though this material success has brought neither joy nor satisfaction. It has, however and in no small measure, wrecked the spiritual and physical harmony and peace of our so-called ‘high achievers’ or our ‘made it’ personalities. This is the season of peace offering after a sincere repentance. It is high time Nigerians put a stop to looking toward Abuja for salvation.

The salvation of each Nigerian is right in everyone’s sokoto (trouser) and has never been in Sokoto. Why then do Nigerians have to travel so far to discover that the salvation to the spiritual decadence in their lives has always been at their doorsteps?

In other words, the solution to the problem of Nigeria is right in each household. Every household must be re-built on the foundations, properties and fruits of true love. It is only when families are built on the foundation of divine love (not lust), it is then that peace and prosperity can grow. Therefore, every father, every mother, every son and every daughter must first seek the truth of life.

When each has found the truth, the only knowledge that is capable of setting us free, and then the next step is to confront the small and the mighty demons of our lives. The demons of pride, greed, selfishness, lying, dishonesty, false pretences, ignorance, idleness, gluttony and idolatry (the worship of the god of mammon - gold and money) must be excised from each life.

It is often said, “little drops of water makes the mighty ocean”. If Nigerians intend that their country shall be a great nation, then it is the greatness of each household or family that will translate into a mighty nation. If Nigerians expect the central government in Abuja to be great while its constituent parts are in decay and shambles, then this expectation is a symptom of serious malady or of a national grand delusion. This is the season of truth and reconciliation. The seed of the knowledge of truth must be sown and must be allowed to germinate and grow as we nurtured it into maturity in every household.

Let each thieving prodigal son, each political gangster, each untraditional ruler, each ungodly religious leader, each uncivil servant, each unconcerned professional, and each uncivil common man/woman confesses his/her life of untruthfulness, false pretences, murder, robbery, and other heinous thoughts, words and deeds.

Let your family know exactly who and what you are in all honesty. Let them know that your entire life is built on fiction and pretences, and that you are simply a foolish charlatan. Remove the facade of all the pretences in your life and show them what your true colours are and ask for their forgiveness.

Let all feuding fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children reconcile with every member of your penitent family after true confessions. Gladly and mercifully forgive the sins they committed against themselves and against others. Tell and demonstrate it to each other that you care and that you are still capable of sharing true love and affection. Freely forgive each other and see the blessings and the glories of The Creator grow in your lives and in the nations.

With The Spirit of Truth and Love reigning in the land, every Nigerian will know what to do and shall have the courage to do it right. The Spirit of Truth is hovering over Nigeria and it is ready to begin the work of Awakening and Rebirth of every true soul of The Creator in Nigeria.

The process of the dissolution of the present political philosophy and institutional structures mentioned in The End of End will be clearer to every Nigerian as soon as your soul is rejuvenated from its sleeping state. The Spirit of Truth has warned that the deceptively created British-Nigeria must die before Nigerians can be set free. One of the divine tasks given to Obasanjo’s administration is to ensure that no Nigerian with a redeemed soul shall die with it.

All vagabonds, wolves, mosquitoes, rodents, and scorpions lurking in every nook and corner of the country causing mischief and wrecking havoc have to be cleared away. This is the work of the host of heavens. No Nigerian should get himself/herself involved in any bloody confrontation with the children of wickedness. These cruel lots shall be fuming with anger and eager for a fight as the cleaning process goes into operation. The Almighty Creator is in charge of Nigeria and all the host of heaven are ready to sweep Nigeria clean of all wickedness, spiritual filth, robbers and political imbeciles and ruffians.

This writer shall continue to remind all sceptics that Nigeria was chosen from the foundation of the world to be a model geographical space to the world as we go into the Millennium of Peace on earth.

This writer shall continue to warn, to admonish, and to plead with all Nigerians that there is room still available for repentance; and that the Mercy Gate of The Creator is still opened but the onus is on every sinner to repent and to seek forgiveness. No one can forgive an unrepentant evildoer. Until there is a genuine conviction, confession and a willingness to seek pardon from all those a sinner has wronged, no power on earth or in the universe can help.

Please, once again, everyone is advised to drop the stupid and ill-fitting camouflage we put on and to face the truth of our ruinous and egoistic sinful as well as empty life of sorrow.

Greatness or Perfection
It is necessary at this stage to sound a note of warning to the peoples of Nigeria about the choice of goals and aspirations.

It is common to hear that every nation in the world is embarking on a programme that will make their country great. Every commentator on Nigeria often says, and this writer is not exempted, that Nigeria ought to have been great if only the robber leaders among us have treaded on the path of righteousness.

When we say great, what do we really mean? Is it great as in Great Britain or great as United States of America? Is it great as New York City or great as the City of London? If this is the sense of greatness we have all been dreaming about, then we have all missed the mark.

Britain and United States of America are two countries that are great in all that is evil and of abomination to The Creator. The greatness of these two countries was rooted in the blood of the innocents and the vulnerable peoples of the world. Their greatness was built on the bones of saints and the blood of peace-loving people around the world. If that is the image of greatness every Nigerian has in mind, then it is obvious we all need deliverance from the same spirit that worked ‘wonders’ for these two-of-a-kind countries. This writer will advise that this kind of depraved image of a full-blown spiritual decadence should be excised out of the psyche of every Nigerian immediately. It is of evil and of a lying spirit.

Nigeria should go for perfection not greatness. Perfection should be the goal and the desire of every living Nigeria not greatness. Perfection, for your information, is simpler than you think. Perfection means a state of normality. It is a state of the original design masterminded by The Creator. It means a state of neither good nor bad, neither big nor small, neither rich nor poor, and a state of neither great nor low. It is just being plain normal. This is what is called excellence or ideal or utopia or paradise. Nigeria should aim at the kind of perfection found in all living organisms. A look at the anatomy and structure of a human body will draw this lesson home clearly.

The human body is built perfect. Every cell or organ in this gigantic design and construction fitted superbly well with every other cells and organs. The various organs, though specialised, are proportionately fitted and positioned for maximum efficiency. Every organ is again uniquely designed and constructed for particular functions and is of course independent and self-sufficient. Yet, all the cells and organs of a human body, though independent of one another, are again interdependent in the maintenance of the whole. None of them will dare deny another of everything it needs to function.

The water, the blood and all other body juices are passed around from one cell to another. Each cell, without greediness, takes whatever it needs and passes on the rest materials. In the case where one cell begins to malfunction, by taking more than what it needs from the pool of materials, it leads to cancer and eventual death of the whole human body. The perfect unison of all the activities of the body as undertaken by the millions of cells, organs, nerves, muscles, bones, etc. is an example of perfection.

The universe is modelled and designed in a similar way to the human body. The planets and the solar system are again individually designed and constructed. Each is unique and independent of the other yet they are all interdependent in function. There is a central co-ordination, individual co-operation and a common inter-dependency among all the planetary bodies. Each body in the system does not function for itself but for the whole universe. Just as the kidney in the human body knows that its activities is irrelevant if the whole human body frame is diseased or dead.

The same principle is applicable to the universe, each planet is aware that it must keep to its planetary duty if the solar system is to go on functioning. It therefore becomes obligatory for each organ or planet to make a concerted effort along with its primary duty to keep an eye on its neighbours. Signals are gladly sent by neighbours to the central co-ordinating body to report any abnormal development or invasion by parasites or sickness.

For instance the planet earth will spew out hot boiling lava when its weight is short than normal to balance up and to ensure that it maintains its planetary position. The earth was designed and measured to carry a particular weight, the hot lava it released will quickly solidify into heavy rocks to balance up or shove up its weight.

To the non-reflective human race, the planet earth is not seeing as a living organism. They do not know that there is a massive boiler and factory under the earth surface that is continuously and eternally generating heat to keep the earth ticking, breathing and in top shipshape. Most mankind do not understand the system that organises the seasons, the weathers, the winds, the heat, the cold, the growth and the creation processes of all living things. These are systems within systems uniquely designed, independently constructed and functioning interdependently. This is perfection.

Every Nigerian should take time out to learn about this natural order and system of life. It is in this knowledge that the ideas for the creation of a perfect Nigeria will be found. Our collective goal should therefore not be directed at being great but at being perfect. Perfection should be our aim, our goal and our destination. It is in the destiny of Nigeria as a model geographical space to the world to attain this perfect state.

The New Nigeria in the making will be;

  • of nations where there will be no law and yet every citizen does his/her duties without fuss;

  • of nations where there is no military or police force and no prison because everybody lives in peace with his/her neighbours;

  • of nations where there are no gigantic general or specialised hospitals except paediatrics and preventive medicine clinics because everybody is well and healthy;

  • of nations where there is an unconditional love for knowledge and the fruits of knowledge and where schools and libraries become the national assets and resources;

  • of nations where the only God revered and worshipped by both young and old is the God of Knowledge; of nations where people shall search and shall seek devotedly and piously for knowledge to the exclusion of and above all other mundane things of life;

  • of nations where knowledge is worshipped in truth and in spirit;

  • of nations where everybody is king and The Almighty Creator is the King of Kings; and of nations under the special dominion of The Creator of Heaven and Earth.

This is the divine plan drawn up from the foundation of the world for the geographical space occupied by Nigeria.

The new beginning revealed to this writer by the spirit of truth is indeed a new unprecedented beginning. It is a beginning that is perfectly different from anything the world has ever seen. For seven thousand years, our planet has been forcefully taken over and governed with ruthless iron hands by the children of wickedness. At the end of their reign the total assessment of the world shows an overwhelming agreement that our world is a blatant and catastrophic failure.

Our world, our planet and mankind are reeking in misery, suffering, poverty, agony and oppression of a satanic kind. Yet, the children of wickedness are still ready to convince us and to browbeat us to accept that their kind of demonic civilisation is the best thing that ever happened to the world.

It doesn’t matter to those in charge of our world that 95 per cent of the world is in ache, agony and woes of a fatally paralysing degree; yet the spin doctors from the celebrated and popular newspapers, magazines and ivory towers in Britain and United States of America are still singing the praises of this satanic system.

A system where less than 600 people in the world have hijacked and are hoarding the wealth and prosperity of the world for themselves and their families only and a system where 50 per cent of the world population cannot afford a meal a day without hardship. This is the system Nigerians have been predestined from the foundation of the world to eradicate on planet earth forever. It is a job that must be done and shall be done by all Spirit-of-Truth-led Nigerians. All idlers, liars and hypocrites that refuse to repent from their perverted ways are not welcomed please. Each Nigerian must sort himself/herself out first before volunteering to partake in this selfless divine service to the human race. This writer shall keep you posted and informed as The Spirit of Truth directs.

Truth and Justice
If Nigerians must fulfil its divine duty to the world, it will be highly inappropriate for Nigeria to march into this perfect state with all the imperfections contained in her body polity. We must jettison and put away all identifiable imperfections. Some of these imperfections can be found under many sections of Nigeria’s constitution and laws. Some of the items listed under exclusive list of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the constitution are unnatural, morally unjustifiable, and outright robbery.

The constitutional rights and legislations on ‘mines and minerals, including oil fields, oil mining, geological surveys and natural gas’ is robbery to say the least; the decree on ‘Federal Character’ is a law that was designed to perpetrate mediocrity, cronyism and nepotism; a host of other duties and responsibilities hijacked by the Federal Executive and Legislative bodies are aimed at the oppression and enslavement of the people of Nigeria. All these laws must be thrown out into the dustbin where they should have been in the first instance.

The feudal lords in Nigeria under the supervision of the British Government were the advisers and consultants behind all these outrageous illegal legislation and immoral constitutional rights adopted by Nigeria. It is unfortunate that the true nationalist fighters could not understand in the 1950s that Britain has nothing with respect to freedom, equality, justice and morality to offer to the independent nation of Nigeria. At least we can say, if they understood they would have been more cautiously alert to the Trojan gifts that Britain cleverly wrapped and delivered through the feudal lords of Nigeria.

Britain is a country of slave owners, feudal lords, and hereditary royalty that oils the wheel of her establishments with political, economic and social patronages. It is a country, even as we go into the twenty-first century that is constitutionally owned by the Windsor family.

Nigerians should not be fooled or bamboozled by the ‘civilised’ comedians in the circus show of the British parliament. Every Member of Parliament is aware of who holds and wields the political power in Britain. By idolatrously swearing to an oath of allegiance to the Queen and her children till eternity the MPs have confirmed that anything else they do in the parliament is just shadow boxing and a sideshow by handsomely paid political actors.

From the history of Britain, it was recorded that Henry VIII beheaded Thomas More, the author of Utopia, a knight and the Lord Chancellor because he refused to acknowledge this king as the head of the Church of God in England. Today, this is one of the oath every cowardly MP gladly swears to and yet the ignorant people of Britain still expects the laws made by this House of Commons to be just, impartial and inclusive. This is definitely a joke.

The Government of Britain operates on behalf, at the mercy and by the grace of the King or Queen. The King or Queen does not need to raise his or her voice; a nod of the head is sufficient to scupper twelve months of legislative work by this celebrated, all-important, servile and toothless parliament of democracy. Is that the manner of greatness Nigerians still have in mind?

There is no freedom in all the elaborate and sophisticated dressed-up civilisation of Great Britain. It is pure and simple, a grand delusion and an elaborate camouflaged slave colony. Every British knows that the citizenship right is a mirage and an illusion. It is not an automatic right but a privilege that can be bestowed or taken away at the mercy of the establishment. Everyone knows that the reality, as at today, is that they are all subjects of the crown. They are nothing but perpetually frightened servants, serfs, footmen/women of the King and his inheritance forever.

That is what the much-flaunted British’s Bill of Rights says. “The lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, do, in the name of all the people aforesaid, most humbly and faithfully submit themselves, their heirs and posterities for ever…”* As a result of this so-called constitutional rights and even much farther on, since the forceful invasion of the villainous force led by the Norman William the Conqueror in 1066, every inch of the soil of British Isles and every soul resident on it is owned by The Firm - The House of Windsor and Family, the current inheritor.

Nigeria ceased to be an occupied territory anymore since 1960. The Act of Independence nullified even the unjust right of the occupied force that captured the northern areas before 1914. Nigeria is a country wholly established, since 1960, on the foundation and ‘principles of freedom, equality and justice’ for all. There is no subject, or serfs, or servants in Nigeria. Every Nigerian is a full blood citizen with inalienable equal rights. Therefore to constitute a Federal Government that acts and behaves as the owner of Nigeria is unconstitutional, illegal and immoral to say the least.

The Federal Government of New Nigeria shall be reconstituted in words and in spirits as a purely voluntary co-ordinating body for the independent and self-governing state governments. The sovereignty in New Nigeria shall lie with the people in the primary communities of Nigeria who, by various treaties, shall be free to ally and be friends with whosoever they so wish on planet earth. The ownership and management of the resources in land, on land, in water and on water shall be vested under the constitution and by law on the community where those resources are based and on nobody else.

The Federal Government of New Nigeria shall own and shall have nothing except the contributions made freely by all the constituting states. Similarly, the state government shall own and shall have nothing except the contribution freely made by all the constituting local governments. Similarly, the local government shall own and shall have nothing except the contribution freely made by all the constituting communities or villages. Finally, the communities shall own nothing and shall have nothing except the contributions made freely by all the constituting families or households. This shall be the moral and philosophical principle that will govern the New Nigerian nations under preparation.

This writer will like to warn and to reveal to Nigerians that the new millennium will be the age of the small is beautiful and pretty and of the small is ideal or excellent or perfect. In the millennium, the importance and prestige of a nation shall no longer lie in the geographical size of the land but in the qualitative and quantitative well being of its citizen in total. From experience, it is now clear that the larger the size of a state is the greater are the tendencies towards corruption, sleaze, secrecy, nepotism and abuse of political power. Again, the larger the resources at the disposal of any government, the more tempting it becomes for the public office holder to propagate a dynastic and perpetual rule for life.

The result that often flows from this type of perversion is the birth of monarchical system of kings, nobles and royalties or the aristocratic system of elites and propertied class who are nothing but the products of greed, avarice, robbery and selfishness. The self-serving desire to retain political power eternally within one’s family, along the line of one’s blood relation and nobody else is born of the evil seed of greed and vanity. Any altruistic explanation, like, to prevent civil war in the state, is nothing but a callous and cunning cover-up.

Therefore, the practice whereby the Federal Government of Nigeria acts as a Father Christmas to all the states is a perversion of the natural order of life. It is more so when it is realised that the funds being expended by this particular Father Christmas are stolen from the poor. This is a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Why rob at all? Using stolen money for charitable acts does not detract the fact that the generous giver is a proven robber and a hoodlum.

Nigerians who have seen the light of the truth of life should not be taken in by the fables of Robin Hood. It can only happen in a society where there is a complete mistrust and a total breakdown of truth, law and justice. One of the duties of every awakened Nigerian shall be the collective and private effort to stop the injustices of the illegal rights being wielded by the Federal Government of Nigeria as it scandalously exploits and expropriates the resources of Nigeria.

It is clear from our discourse in The Winner and the Loser, that the Federal Government of Nigeria is just a rotten middleman fronting for the western powers as they continued, even after independence to exploit and expropriate, recklessly and wastefully, the resources of the country. The whole game is couched in immoral commercial and political espionage, bribery, kickback and corruption but these are cleverly packaged as a legal, internationally sanctioned and conventionally sophisticated practice.

The Federal Government, since 1960, is a stooge or puppet of western powers. FGN is the modern counterpart trader of the type that organised the local arm of the triangular slave trade. The clandestine, illegally constituted FGN is a collector of kickbacks, bribes and the peanut prices offered by the foreign buyers in the modern slave trade for the oil lifted and other commodities taken from the shores of Nigeria. And because what the FGN is offering for sale does not morally belong to it, it has never shown any serious concern in the pricing method and in the other logistics of these trades that could protect the resources from being cheaply exploited as well as safeguard the life of the actual owners.

The FGN in this respect is a clone of the British Government that was clandestinely established principally to siphon the wealth of the indigenous people of Nigeria. The indigenous Nigerians have since been reduced to voiceless and powerless entities on their ancestral lands and waters. In order for this inglorious service of the Federal Government to its foreign owners to continue, Nigeria has been sabotaged time and time from producing among its nationals a strong leadership since 1960. It is obvious that a serious Nigerian leader would have seen through the wool to disturb the gravy train of exploitation. And in any case, the departing colonial government ensured that the country was adequately booby-trapped to forestall the emergence of any serious leader.

Hence, for the Federal Government of Nigeria to have adopted religiously the institutions of government the colonial government established before independence speaks volume. It should be remembered that the colonial government was wholly and principally established for the exploitation, the raping, the looting and the pillaging of the conquered territories of Nigeria for the Crown. Therefore, for the independent government of Nigeria to have shamelessly and foolishly adopted the same institutions without any visible intention to amend them is a confirmation that it merely continued with the exploitation, the raping, the looting and the pillaging of the land and the people of Nigeria.

The Federal Government of Nigeria since 1960 has, in all honesty, been a mere puppet of the British Government that disguises itself as ambassadors, businessmen, industrialists, accounting and auditing firms, insurance and banking institutions, missionaries, voluntary organisations, etc. This is the truth and this is the hidden fact behind the inability of Nigeria to grow and to evolve as divinely planned by The Creator. However, thanks to the divine grace of The Creator, this ingenuous cover is being gradually removed and the ugly teeth of the Great Beast is being revealed. This killer beast with her mouth covered in blood has never secured life to any of those who had the misfortune of its acquaintance. Its stock in trade is to con, to maim, to kill, to steal, to rob, to set brother against brother and to enslave in perpetuity all those it sets her eyes on.

There is a good example of this clever Machiavellian political game this writer will like to share with Nigerians. As a student of the science of life with special interest in international politics, this writer was wondering what was going on in 1996 when the British Prince of Wales set out on a visit to Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in Asia. Shortly afterwards, John Major, the then Prime Minister of Britain with a coterie of team drawn from the business community made yet another visit. My mind tells me something was in the offing in that country. My suspicion was sooner confirmed by a documentary on Bangladesh in The Financial Times. Hooray! Bangladesh has discovered there are oil and gas on her territory. I gave myself a pat on the back for guessing right that something was truly brewing in Bangladesh.

This is the philosophy and the strategy of Britain, a country that believes it still owned the world. It continues to comb and parade like a hawk all the territories it conquered in the last two centuries to take possession of any known assets or evolving assets in those territories by cunning, deception and bribery. As it happened in Nigeria, the government of Bangladesh, as it develops its oil industry, will be conned, bribed and blackmailed into given massive concessions to British businesses and companies. The contracts these companies will draw up with Bangladesh, if placed under proper intellectual scrutiny will be found to be nothing but a mumbo-jumbo maze of treacherous legal minefields designed to rob the citizens of Bangladesh of their God-given wealth.

Nigeria went through the same charade and that is why as at 1998 and after almost fifty years in oil business Nigeria is completely bankrupt. Thanks to the feudal lords, prodigal sons, political gangsters and unconcerned professionals of Nigeria under the disguised employment of Britain. Also, thanks to the brilliant advice and expertise of British industrialists, financial investors, bankers, insurance men, diplomats and voluntary workers who were the sole contracting-managers of the Nigerian oil industry.

Britain, as the owner of an empire where the sun never sets, is a country born and cultivated by greed, watered by greed, nurtured by greed and bred in greed. The lifeblood of Britain is hate - the hatred of every other being in the universe except self. It is a country since it was founded has been perpetually primed in war, blood and loot.

However, as a common adage says, whatever goes up must come down, this is the end time of Great Britain. By the divine timetable Britain’s time is up. Britain must be told so in case she is unaware of her fate. But as at now, this revelation is meant for the people of Nigeria. It is meant for your consumption, digestion and understanding as every Nigerian gathers his or her moral, spiritual and intellectual senses together for a final showdown with Britain.

This showdown has been long over due. Are you afraid? Please don’t be because The Creator of Heaven and Earth is our Commander-in-Chief. It is a bloodless confrontation. It is principally to use and to turn the legal instruments Britain devised and which she has used all these years to perpetrate evil in the world against her. It is a spiritual and intellectual engagement. Peace and freedom is our aim. Truth and love shall be our weapon.

May the spirit of truth open your eyes and mind to the truth of this moment. May it kindle in your soul the fire and the desire to seek and to search for the truth of life in all its glory. And may the discovered truth of life set you free from now on and forever to pursue, to your highest potential, the destiny that life assigned to you as a person created in the image of God.

Note: This essay is a slightly edited excerpt from a pamphlet titled, The New Beginning.

Yours truly,
In The Spirit of Truth

Sam Abbd Israel
27 July 1999.

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