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Male Amebos
Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
January 13, 2002

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Graphic:Eko Sista

I have noticed that men like gossiping just like the women. But unlike women, men's gossiping is as venomous as snakebite.

The other day, I went for a drink with some friends and sitting directly behind us was a group of men drinking and gossiping about their adventures with women most especially young girls.

One was telling a story about a girl he slept with, how she was screaming when he was making love to her. While another was telling them his experience about having two friends at the same time.

Why can't men keep their sexual adventures secret? Whether you had it with your wife, girlfriend or a prostitute?

Men should learn to mind their business. I have seen men break up relationships, marriages simply because they couldn't keep their DAMN BIG mouths shut!!!

They relay stories like, I saw your wife or girlfriend with so, so, and so,

Guys, for Christ 's sake, let them find out on their own who their women were out with. For all you know the guy might be her brother, cousin or simply a business associate.

Yes, I know women can cheat or are not saints or do horrible things behind their lovers back. All I am saying is that guys should learn to keep their mouths shut and let the parties concerned find out themselves.

I'll say it again guys, SHUT UP ALREADY!

Anyway, till the next time.....

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