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One Pick At The Apple
Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
January 25, 2001

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Have you ever been in the position were you are in love with somebody and you are not able to express or tell the person how much you love him?

A girl meets a guy, finds him very attractive and decides to take one little pick at the apple just for the fun of it because she has a serious relationship that she can not compromise.

But, guess what? She gets hooked and goes back for more. Even when the guy tells her that the affair will not lead them anywhere because he also has a relationship that is heading for the alter.

In the beginning, she does not mind because she has a relationship. Somewhere along the line though, she falls in love with him. She likes his company, the sex is good and she wants to be with him all the time.

But there is a problem, she can not tell him about her feelings because she is scared that if she does he will disappear. Afterall, he does not want a commitment. He was very clear about that. She decides to bottle it up and pretends all is well.

This situation is common among women. {trust me!}. Mostly, it happens when they are dating married men.

People say love is not pretending, love is sharing, understanding and communicating and nobody ever plans for it.

In this case it is the opposite. If two mutual and consenting adults come to an agreement to have a thing, having it at the back of their mind that they have somebody waiting for them somewhere, why can't they talk about their feelings openly? Why pretend as if they don't feel anything for one another. ?

If they are bold enough to have a thing without any serious commitment, they should be bold enough to talk about how they feel about each other without any commitment. Afterall, you can love two people in two different ways.

The worst thing that can happen to anybody is to suffer emotionally in silence.

So, go for it. If you find yourelf in such a relationship, express yourself! Even if the relationship breaks up! After-all life itself is a risk.

See you soon!

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