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Spending Money On Men
Love Wars
By: Eko Sista (Lagos)
February 3, 2001

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I have always found it amazing when some women state that they can't spend their money on men. Why?

Some of the women say it is based on personal experiences.

For example, this one lady I met said she will never spend a Kobo on any man simply because at the end of the day, a guy she once helped financially did not treat her well.

The way she tells the story, she rented a place for him and even paid his school fees because he was from a poor home. She was also under the understanding, that when he finished with school, and got a good job, they would get married. But unknown to her, all that time she was taking care of this bobo, he was having a steamy relationship with a girl in his class.

After graduation now, he sent an invitation card and a note to her saying that he was getting married. That was one kind Gbosa!

When she tearfully asked why he was jilting her after all she had done for him, he replied that, he could not marry a woman that was far richer than he was and who slept around with other men. He was positively sure she got the money she spent on him from other men because he knew how much she earned every month. Double Gbosa! (I politely decided not to ask if the bobo's statement was accurate)

The second group of women I spoke with stated that, most "kept" men after collecting their money, spent it on other girls. And they find it very annoying. (annoying ke??..Eko Sista had to laugh small after hearing that one). Anyway, they felt some of these men don't even show appreciation for all you do for them, they treat you like dirt and expect YOU to show them appreciation for accepting all you have begin doing for them. Simply amazing ehn?.

The final group I chated with said that they will only help or give their boyfriends money if he is having serious financial problem or if he is somebody they are having a serious relationship with and they know the relationship is heading straight to the alter. (Excuse me o? How is this different from the first lady above?)

Me nko? I do not see anything wrong with spending or giving money to your male friends. I feel if you care for somebody, you should do anything to please that person (unconditionally) and help that person even if it means spending your money on them.

I don't see anything wrong in a woman helping out a man, After-all a relationship is a two way thing.

Men typically help women out. They spend money on us, and many times these women dump them for other men after milking them dry.

So we should all pray never to meet the wrong types of people (Male or Female). We should pray to meet people that will appreciate us and every thing we do for them, because love is appreciating and sharing.

Till the next time....

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